Does Hot Coffee Help A Sore Throat

A SORE throat is almost unavoidable this time of year… and it’s something we’d all rather do without.

Changes are as the cold weather sets in and the winter bugs become rife you’ve probably already had one.

Sore throats are usually caused by viruses like colds and flu and can make it difficult for you to swallow and talkCredit: Getty – Contributor

Sore throats are caused by viruses like colds and flu, or by lifestyle choices like smoking.

Apart from the usual dry, scratchy feeling, a sore throat may also make it difficult for you to swallow, give you bad breath and cause a mild cough as well as swollen neck glands.

Most of the time there’s no cause to see a GP as the pain will subside in a few days with the use of a few helpful remedies.

However, if the pain lasts for more than a week, you get sore throats often, you develop a fever or you have a weakened immune system you should consult a doctor.

Sucking on something cold like an ice lolly can help ease inflammationCredit: Getty – Contributor

Here’s a few handy tips to help you get rid of your pesky sore throat.

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1. Suck on ice lollies

The cold of an ice lolly can help cool your throat and ease the pain.

When you have a sore throat, it becomes red and inflamed.

As with any kind of inflammation, ice cubes or something cold like an ice lolly can help reduce it, therefore easing the pain.

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That doesn’t mean you can eat an entire tub of ice cream though.

And you should never give ice cubes to children as they pose a choking risk.

Gargling salt water helps reduce the risk of infectionCredit: Getty – Contributor

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2. Gargle salt water

You’ve probably heard this one before.

Not only does warm salt water help you throat feel better, it also reduces the risk of infection.

You should try and gargle half a teaspoon of stable salt diluted in one cup of water.

But make sure you spit it out at the end though – swallowing salt water won’t taste nice.

Comforting food like warm soup and broth can ease your painCredit: Getty – Contributor

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3. Avoid tea and coffee

Warm liquids and foods can feel like they’re soothing your sore throat.

Things like caffeine-free tea, hot water with honey and lemon, soup and broth can help ease your pain, just drink them when they’re lukewarm.

And you should avoid piping hot tea and coffee because the caffeine in them can dehydrate you and make your pain worse.

Soup and broth are especially good if you’re having trouble swallowing because they help get plenty of nutrients into your body, which help fight off illness.

These can all help a sore throat by reducing congestion in the back of the throat and moistening the vocal cords, which become dry and give you that rasping voice when you’re ill.

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Keeping the throat warm and moist can help it heal faster.

Keeping up your fluid intake can help prevent dehydration and help your body fight off the virusCredit: Getty – Contributor

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4. Drink plenty of water

You know you need to drink plenty of water when you are unwell and having a sore throat is no different.

Your body is more likely to become dehydrated when it’s fighting off a virus so it’s important to make sure you keep your fluid levels topped up.

But as mentioned above, you should avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol as both can dehydrate you, prolonging how long it takes your body to fight off the infection.

Smoking can cause a sore throat and irritate it, so try to avoid smoking when you are unwellCredit: Getty – Contributor

5. Stop smoking

As mentioned above, lifestyle choices like smoking can cause a sore throat.

So if you are a smoker try to avoid lighting up until your sore throat has gone away – and cutting down will only have health benefits.

But even if you aren’t a smoker there are environmental irritants that can make your throat worse, including second-hand smoke, cleaning products and cold air.

So when you can avoid the things that are irritating your throat to give it enough time to heal.

Throat lozenges contain medicine to help numb your throatCredit: Alamy

6. Stock up on throat lozenges

There are plenty of lozenges you can buy in your local pharmacy or high street stores that ease the pain of a sore throat.

They contain medicine that numbs your throat, which is particularly helpful if you are having difficulty swallowing.

Make sure you read the label before you start taking them and never give them to children under four because of the choking risk.

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If you’d rather not use a medicated lozenge then try sucking on a hard boiled sweet.

7. Avoid the cold

Cold air can irritate your throat and make the pain worse.

But you can buy devices that humidify the air of the room you are in, so you will find it easier to breathe.

If you don’t want to buy a humidifier you can also place your head under a towel with a bowl of steamy water for a few minutes or take a long, hot shower.

8. Rest up!

As with any illness your body needs rest to help fight it off.

Even if you aren’t feeling that unwell you should try and get enough sleep so the virus doesn’t get worse.

The average adult needs anywhere between seven and eight hours sleep a night and that is even more important when your immune system is working harder.

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