Pouring Over the Details: Does Coffee Stout Have Caffeine?

Does Coffee Stout Have Caffeine


Coffee stout is a growing trend in beermaking. It’s made by infusing a strong, roasty beer with coffee beans, and some brewers even add cold-brewed coffee at the end of the brewing process. But what about caffeine? Does coffee stout have caffeine? And if so, can you drink it while pregnant or nursing? Read on to learn more about this beloved beverage’s effect on your health.

What is Coffee Stout?

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You’ve probably heard of coffee stouts. But what exactly is a coffee stout?

Coffee stouts are dark beers that feature coffee as an ingredient. The name comes from the fact that these brews typically have a higher alcohol content than other styles of beer, which can often be attributed to their use of roasted malts (which also impart chocolatey flavors). And although many people associate this style with Guinness–and it’s true that Guinness is one of the most popular examples–there are many different types out there!

Does Coffee Stout Have Caffeine?

Yes, coffee stouts do have caffeine. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee stout will depend on how strong it is and which brew you choose. A regular 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee contains about 100 milligrams (mg) of caffeine, while an espresso shot ranges from 50 to 75 mg per serving–or about 1/3 less than what you’d get from a typical cup of joe.

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A decaf version has less than 10 mg per serving; however, if you’re looking for something with less than half as much caffeine as your average brewed coffee then decaf isn’t going to cut it!

To put things into perspective:

Can I Drink Coffee Stout While Pregnant?

Do coffee stouts have caffeine - Cheraghdaily.org

If you’re pregnant and love coffee stout, don’t worry. You can drink this beer during your pregnancy. The caffeine in coffee stouts is likely to be minimal at best, but if you’re still concerned about it, just take the same precautions that you would when drinking any other alcoholic beverage: don’t overdo it! Drink in moderation and don’t let yourself get too tipsy or drunk on coffee stout or any other alcohol for that matter.

How to Make a Cup of Coffee Beer at Home

If you want to make your own cup of coffee beer at home, here’s how:

  • Use a stout or porter as your base beer and add ground coffee beans to it. Let it sit for a few days, then strain out the beans before serving. To sweeten your brew further, add some sugar or honey; cream helps too!

You can enjoy a cup or 12 of coffee-flavored beer without worrying about the caffeine dose.

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You can enjoy a cup or 12 of coffee-flavored beer without worrying about the caffeine dose.

Coffee stout is a type of beer that’s brewed with roasted malts and then flavored with coffee beans. It’s dark in color, has an intense flavor profile, and is enjoyed by people of all ages–including those who aren’t fans of regular beer.

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If you’re worried about getting too much caffeine from your favorite brews, don’t fret: The amount found in these types of beverages is small enough that it won’t cause any adverse effects for most people (although there are some exceptions).


Coffee stout is a great way to add flavor and depth to your beer, but it doesn’t have the caffeine of coffee. If you’re worried about getting enough sleep or are pregnant, it might be best to stick with regular beer. However, if you want a delicious beverage that’s not alcoholic or caffeinated at all–we recommend trying out kombucha!

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