Coffee and Libido: Does Coffee Make You Hornier?

Does Coffee Make You Hornier


Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: coffee has an intense effect on your body. So intense, in fact, that some believe it may increase libido—and make you more prone to sex.

Coffee and the libido

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Caffeine is a potent stimulant, and consuming too much can cause some serious side effects. In addition to the jolt you get from drinking coffee, caffeine acts as an aphrodisiac by increasing heart rate and blood pressure. This may be why some people feel more aroused after drinking coffee–it’s not necessarily the caffeine itself that’s responsible for their sexual arousal; rather, it’s simply because they’re feeling more awake than usual (which often leads to heightened sensations).

Caffeine can also lead to anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and headaches. If you have one of these disorders or symptoms already in place before adding coffee into your diet on top of everything else that might cause stress or discomfort in your daily life (think work deadlines), then adding even more stimulation could lead to some serious problems down the road!

How does coffee affect women’s libidos?

Coffee can also play a role in women’s libidos. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that coffee increased blood flow to the genitals by about 30 percent in women who drank four cups per day, compared to those who didn’t drink any coffee at all. This may explain why some women find their sex drive increases after they start drinking coffee regularly: They’re simply more turned on!

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Additionally, caffeine has been shown to improve performance during sex (meaning you’ll likely last longer) and orgasms in both men and women. So if you want to get frisky with your morning cup o’ joe on Valentine’s Day–or any other day–just remember that it might help take things up another notch or two!

How does coffee affect men’s libidos?

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Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it stimulates the central nervous system. This can have several effects on your libido, including increasing blood flow to the penis and increasing testosterone levels.

The caffeine in coffee can also increase your sexual desire by stimulating parts of the brain responsible for sexual arousal and performance.

Does coffee really boost libidos?

Now, you may be wondering: Is coffee actually good for your sex life?

After all, there are a lot of myths surrounding caffeine and how it can affect your libido. But the bottom line is that while some people will experience no change in their sex drive after drinking coffee or tea (and others may even feel less aroused), there are several ways in which caffeine has been shown to boost sexual desire and performance — both physically and mentally. Let me explain why this might be true:

Caffeine may affect your sex drive.

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If you’re feeling tired, caffeine can help. It can make you feel more awake, alert and energetic. Caffeine also increases dopamine levels in the brain–a neurotransmitter that controls your moods and feelings of reward. Dopamine is involved in sexual arousal as well as other pleasure-related behaviors (like eating).

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Caffeine may also boost testosterone levels by increasing production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which plays an important role in helping men maintain erections when they become sexually excited or aroused by sexual stimuli like erotic videos or photographs.


If you’re looking for a boost in your sex life, try cutting back on coffee. If you can’t live without it, then at least try to cut down on your intake and see if that helps. Coffee may be a good way to get things going in the morning but if it’s interfering with your ability to get frisky at night then maybe it’s time to consider making some changes!

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