Do Roses Really Love Coffee Grounds?

Roses, the epitome of beauty in any garden, thrive on acidity. If you’re seeking an organic method to enrich their soil and promote healthy growth, you may have come across the suggestion of using coffee grounds. Coffee grounds act as an acidic fertilizer, offering numerous benefits for roses. In fact, some gardeners even incorporate coffee grounds directly into the planting process. However, it’s crucial to exercise moderation when utilizing coffee grounds on roses or any other plant, as excessive acidity can harm and weaken them. Let’s explore the correct usage of this miraculous ingredient:

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Using Coffee Grounds Sparingly in the Garden

Coffee grounds possess acidity, necessitating their limited application in the garden.

  • For roses, it’s advisable to mix coffee grounds with compost or additional soil. This blending process balances the acidity, preventing root burn.
  • In addition to balancing acidity, coffee grounds aid in improving drainage, making them ideal for potted plants!


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Prefer Drip Coffee Maker Grounds and Avoid Finely Ground Coffee

Opt for coffee grounds obtained from a drip coffee maker due to their coarser consistency. Fine coffee grounds are not suitable.

  • Utilize coffee grounds sparingly—only a few tablespoons within a large pot of soil are sufficient.
  • While acidity benefits plants that thrive in acidic soil, using an excess amount demolishes root systems. To prevent this, mix coffee grounds with compost or additional soil before incorporating them into the garden bed.
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Adding Coffee Grounds to Rosebushes with Care

When applying coffee grounds around rosebushes, exercise caution and combine them with compost or additional soil.

  • Prior to adding coffee grounds, mix them with compost or extra soil. This method prevents burning and supplements the plant with nutrients.
  • Take care not to overuse coffee grounds; a few tablespoons per plant will suffice!


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Maintaining the Right Balance: Not Too Much Coffee

While roses appreciate acidity, excessive use of coffee can be detrimental.

  • Coffee grounds possess acidity, aiding in increasing soil acidity. The appropriate amount of coffee to use depends on the soil type and rose variety, with most roses preferring a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.
  • For newly planted rosebushes, dilute approximately 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds in a gallon of water (around 1 cup per 15 gallons).
  • Established plants requiring a boost in spring can benefit from a mixture of 3 cups of coffee grounds per gallon of water (about 1/2 bushel per 15 gallons).

In Conclusion

We trust that you’ve found this article beneficial in understanding the usage of coffee grounds with roses. If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at For more insightful gardening tips and information, visit Marmalade Cafe. Happy gardening!