Diy Coffee Table With Pallets

Pallets are some of the most versatile pieces of material you can find and they’re not even designed for this purpose. Pallets can be easily repurposed and used to create all sorts of ingenious pieces of furniture. In this article we’re going to focus on coffee tables but if you want to see more inspiring pallet designs you can check our other articles on this theme. We have a great selection of DIY projects and they all involve pallets. Now let’s take a look at some coffee tables.

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1. Varnished solid wood table.

Pallete coffee table red base1

This coffee table is actually just inspired by industrial pallets and made of varnished solid wood. As you can see, pallets have become a strong trend and pallet-inspired furniture started to appear. This one is a more stylish and high-quality version and it also comes with a hardened glass top. The table sits on four wheels that make it easy to move around. This table was designed by House Doctor DK.

2. Same model, different materials.

Pallete coffee table red base1

It’s quite difficult to say which table was inspired by which. This one copied the model of the table presented at no1, the one designed by House Doctor DK. However, that table was inspired by pallet coffee tables just like this one so it becomes a vicious circle. Whatever the case is, this table is just as beautiful as the previous one, the only difference being the materials used and the fact that this one has a more rustic look.{found on site}.

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3. Outdoor pallet table.

Pallete coffee table red base1

A DIY pallet table is just what your patio or deck needs to be complete. The table is easy to make and it’s also a cheap project. For example, this one is made from two wood pallets. They were placed one on top of the other and secured together after which four wheels were added for a more flexible design. The table also got a grey stain that gave it a dark look. The result was this movable outdoor table, a great alternative to patio furniture.{found on joyafter}.

4. White pallet table for the living room.

Pallete coffee table red base1

Pallet coffee tables have an eclectic look and the best thing about them is that they are easy to make. So when you come across something similar that you like in a shop you can be almost certain that you can recreate that piece for less money. Also, you can adapt its design and make it exactly as you want. This table was inspired by something its owner saw one day on the internet. It’s a white coffee table made from two pallets stacked on top of one another. They were washed with a mix of water and white paint for a distressed look.

5. Marrakech-inspired coffee table.

Pallete coffee table red base1

This coffee table is also made of pallets but has an ethnic design. It was inspired by the colors and culture of Marrakech and it can be easily recreated. All you need is a wooden pallet. The pallet needs to be in good condition. You have to roughly sand the wood using low-grade sandpaper and attach two pieces of thin hardboard under the boards. For a more contemporary look you can also fill the cracks with concrete and add a wax finish.

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6. Flag-colored pallet table.

Pallete coffee table red base1

A pallet coffee table can also be a creative way of showing your patriotism. You can celebrate Independence Day with a flag-colored pallet table such as this one. The table has a very simple design consisting of two pallets stacked on top of one another and four caster wheels. First you need to apply white paint on the entire surface of the pallets. Then you can start painting the flag. Make sure you respect the scale. It would be easier to use a stencil, especially for the stars. Apply as many coats of paint as you need to and let them dry before applying a new one.

7. A pallet coffee that you can make in less than 30 minutes.

Pallete coffee table red base1

All coffee tables made from pallets are easy to build and they don’t really take much time unless you opt for a complex design or a difficult paintjob. This table can be made in less than 30 minutes. It’s made entirely from pallets so you’ll be able to keep the cost close to zero. The top of a table is a pallet and the legs and pieces taken from another pallet. They were cut down to 16 inches and it turned out to e the perfect dimensions for a coffee table. The table was left unfinished and this way it got a natural look while also allowing its owner to save time and money.{found on instructables}.

8. Eclectic pallet table.

Pallete coffee table red base1
Pallete coffee table red base1

A table made of wood pallets will always feel rustic. It’s because of the material and the original design of the pallet. But you can also make a pallet table feel modern by adding color and simple details. To make the feel more modern you’ll have to adjust the pallet before using it. You’ll have to remove the wooden slats and put them back but this time with no gaps in between them.{found on hernewleaf }.