Disney Dreamlight Valley Coffee Bean

Coffee Beans are among the several new features in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, coffee beans don’t already exist in the Valley, unlike other ingredients. You can’t find them in any of the biomes, at any stall, or in Remy’s pantry. So, how do you get Coffee Beans? Well, you must unlock them first. From there, you can forage for them like other ingredients. If you need help, our guide will show you all the steps to take to access Coffee Beans.

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How to Get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Get Coffee Beans

Listed as a Fruit-type ingredient, Coffee Bean is currently used in three new recipes: Coffee, Latte, and Mocha. So, to try out the new drinks, you must bring Coffee Beans back to the Valley.

To get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley, take the following steps:

  1. Unlock Stitch and reach Friendship Level 4
  2. Find the Coffee Cup and complete the “Very Sleepy Stitch” Quest

With this in mind, let’s break these down so you can unlock Coffee Beans as soon as possible.

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Unlock Coffee Beans – Part 1

Before you can think about Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we need a certain alien friend in the Valley. So, if you haven’t unlocked Stitch yet, check out our Stitch guide to get some tips.

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With Stitch unlocked, you now need to work on raising your relationship with him to Friendship Level 4. You do this the same way you raise anyone else’s friendship. Check out if he wants a specific meal, hang out with him, and talk with him often. After, you can move one step closer to Coffee Beans.

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Unlock Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Part 2

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Coffee Beans

When Stitch is at Friendship Level 4, head over to WALL-E’s garden. You’ll see it’s a bit of a mess. You’ll find a Coffee Cup among the mess of items you can pick up. Once you pick it up, you’ll instantly unlock “Very Sleepy Stitch.” Here are the steps to complete that quest:

  1. Speak with WALL-E
  2. Confront Stitch and take the Dried-Out Coffee Sapling to WALL-E
  3. Gather materials to plant the Coffee Tree and speak with WALL-E
  4. Craft Coffee Sapling and plant it in the Glade of Trust
  5. Harvest Coffee Beans and speak with Stitch and Remy
  6. Make Coffee for Stitch

The materials you’ll need for the Coffee Tree are x25 Pebbles, x23 Clay, and x1 Sack. You can dig for Pebbles in Dazzle Beach, Sunlit Plateau, and the Forgotten Lands. Also, you can stay in the Forgotten Lands or Sunlit Plateau for Clay. For the Sack, use x15 Fiber and x5 Soil to craft it.

Now, you’re closer to Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Simply craft the Coffee Sapling, found under “Functional Items,” and head to the Glade of Trust to plant it. It’s here you can harvest Coffee Beans. This takes about 40 minutes, and you’ll water it twice. The bush will disappear, but it will spawn again later on. This way, you can return to get more Coffee Beans.

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Although you have Coffee Beans, you don’t have the recipes yet. To finish the quest, head to Remy, and he’ll tell you to make Coffee. For Stitch, he just wants straight Coffee. So, only use the Coffe Beans to make Coffee and give it to Stitch to end the quest.


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Now that you have Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley get out there and discover the new recipes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on PC, PS5, and PS4 systems, Xbox One and Series consoles, and Nintendo Switch.