Cuisinart Coffee Maker Reset Button


The buttons on the faceplate of your Cuisinart coffee maker act as a command unit. With them, you control the functionality of your coffee maker.

This means that with the buttons, you get to choose different options your coffee maker offers. This includes the option to set the machine on an automatic cleaning cycle, brew later option, and select a strong brew.

Having said that:

There are times when these buttons might fail to work, leaving you disappointed and wondering what the problem might be.

Well, check out a few reasons for this problem and possible troubleshooting methods.

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Cuisinart Coffee Maker Buttons Not Working

It must suck that you can’t brew coffee because the buttons on your machine are not working. You can, however, solve this problem by ensuring that the buttons aren’t stuck and that the circuit board works correctly. Also, try fixing disconnections between the buttons and the circuit board and resetting the machine.

1. Ensure That the Buttons Aren’t Stuck


If buttons on your Cuisinart coffee maker keep getting stuck when you press them, they may be damaged or sticky.

If buttons are damaged, you need to change them. And if they’re sticky, a thorough cleaning will do.

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Whichever one:

You need to uncouple the coffee maker to access the buttons. The buttons are typically placed after the circuit board. So, you must be careful not to damage the board.

Be warned:

Before doing anything, make sure you unplug the coffee maker from the power source. You don’t want to risk getting electrocuted.

Also, carefully remove the coffee pot and keep it separately as it is fragile.


To access the buttons, flip the machine upside down, unscrew and remove the bottom panel.


Locate and unscrew the heating element and the clips holding the heating unit. At this point, you should see the circuit board, which is just behind the buttons and LCD screen.

After that:

Carefully pull the circuit board to access the buttons. If the buttons are damaged, replace them, but if they are sticky, remove them and clean their edges.

Replacement buttons for Cuisinart coffee makers are hard to find, so contact Cuisinart Customer Support for assistance.

2. See that the Circuit Board is Working Correctly

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Circuit Board

Know this:

The circuit board is perhaps the most important component of your Cuisinart coffee maker. It is the focal point of the machine, and it processes all the commands the buttons give.

This means that a damaged circuit board would most likely result in inoperative buttons. It can also result in your coffee maker giving random commands.


A strong power surge can damage the circuit board. However, there’s a thermal fuse at the bottom of your coffee maker that bears the impact of the surge. This, in turn, protects the circuit board from damage.

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Now here’s the twist:

After bearing the impact of a severe power surge, the thermal fuse must be changed. Continuing with the same fuse may result in damage to the circuit board due to subsequent surges.

Also, a massive power surge can damage the circuit board even with a new thermal fuse.


If you have a circuit board that’s not working correctly, you need to contact a technician to either repair or replace it. After fixing the circuit board, the buttons should work just fine.


Do not attempt to fix the circuit board yourself unless you’re a technician.

3. Fix Disconnection Between the Buttons and the Circuit Board

Here’s the thing:

It might be that the buttons don’t work because it doesn’t have substantial contact with the circuit board.

As already mentioned, the circuit board processes the commands of the buttons. Thus, there needs to be good contact between both components.


Follow the steps of the first troubleshooting fix to gain access to the circuit board. Then, ensure that it makes enough contact with the metal on the buttons.

Also, see that you clean the metal on the button so that dirt doesn’t hinder contact with the circuit board.

4. Try Resetting the Coffee Maker


You’ve tried the above troubleshooting methods, yet, the buttons on your Cuisinart coffee maker won’t work. Perhaps, it’s time you reset the machine.


As you use your coffee maker, the parts begin to get worn out. Also, it may develop a few glitches that you can fix with a simple reset. Unresponsive buttons can be one such glitch.

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In that case:

Simply unplug your Cuisinart coffee maker from the power outlet and plug it back after 30 seconds. This takes your coffee maker back to its factory settings, and perhaps, the button will work again.

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Here’s a summary of what we’ve learned:

The buttons on your Cuisinart coffee maker act as the command unit of the machine. They can stop working for various reasons.


These suggestions can help fix the problem.

  • Ensure that the buttons aren’t stuck.
  • See that the circuit board works correctly.
  • Fix connections between the buttons and circuit board.
  • Reset the coffee maker.


Will you be trying any of our troubleshooting fixes, or have you tried one already and like to share your experience? Please leave a comment below.

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