Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Light Solid Red

Anyone knowledgeable about coffee makers will be familiar with Cuisinart, a popular brand that also manufactures coffee makers. It is well-known by many as an excellent brand, including The Guardian Trusted Source Five on test: coffee-makers | The Guardian House makeover maestros Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan turn their finely tuned aesthetic abilities to a domestic appliance that helps fuel their busy lives – the coffee-maker . To enjoy this making coffee with their products, you have to keep them clean and well-maintained.

The Cuisinart coffee makers include a «Сlean» light which shows that cleaning is needed. Although you know why it came on, it doesn’t go off for many people after they are done cleaning. So, many people wonder how to turn off the «Сlean» light on the Cuisinart coffee maker. If this is happening to you too, then we have a comprehensive guide below on how you can solve this problem and maintain it.

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Why Coffee Makers Need Constant Cleaning

How to Turn Off «Сlean» Light on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart coffee makers are to be maintained constantly for one major reason: the calcium and other minerals present in the water you use to make your coffee. While these minerals are not harmful to you while you drink them, they can damage your coffee maker. It becomes even worse when you use hard water in your home.

After making coffee a couple of times, there will be a layer of calcium at the bottom, which will affect the taste of the coffee and waste heat. So, when the calcium deposits increase, the «Сlean» light comes on, warning you to get rid of it.

Another reason why is bacteria which can be formed on the stagnated water in the filter. This will be harmful to our bodies, and so all we can do about it is clean the coffee maker constantly to protect our health.

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The efficiency of your Cuisinart coffee maker Trusted Source Cuisinart One Cup Grind and Brew coffee maker review – BBC Good Food Bean-to-cup coffee machines allow you to grind coffee beans and make a barista-standard espresso in one go. Read our review of this coffee maker by Cuisinart to see how it fared in our tests. is dependent on how well-maintained it is.

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When to Clean Your Coffee Maker

The way you take care of your Cuisinart coffee maker is reliant on the kind of water you use and it differs based on the different parts of the coffee maker. Regular cleaning for your coffee maker brand should happen between three and six months. If you use hard water, then you should clean more regularly than those using soft water. You should also clean the brewer more regularly than you clean other parts of the appliance.

It’s important to clean the appliance when the indicator light comes on. This is the best indication to let you know when the device requires cleaning. It is mostly because the calcium and mineral deposits are affecting the efficiency of the device.

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How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Now you can clean your coffee maker. What do you do first? You can’t throw the coffee maker in the dishwasher like other things in the kitchen, and you have to focus on getting rid of mineral deposits.

  • Step 1:

How to Turn Off «Сlean» Light on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

There is a charcoal water filter in the coffee maker, located in the reservoir. Remove it before you start cleaning and decalcifying.

  • Step 2:

How to Turn Off «Сlean» Light on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Fill two-thirds of the reservoir with water and the remaining with white vinegar. Ensure you fill it up to its capacity.

  • Step 3:
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Allow the mixture to sit in the reservoir for thirty minutes to one hour. During this time, the vinegar will dissolve the calcium and other minerals that built up in your coffee maker.

  • Step 4:

How to Turn Off «Сlean» Light on Cuisinart Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart coffee makers feature the innovative «Сlean» button, which will begin a cleaning and decalcifying process. When you see the «Сlean» light come on, push the «On» option of the appliance.

  • Step 5:

The light will continue to shine. You only need one cycle of cleaning to have a well-cleaned coffee maker. After you’re done cleaning, the device beeps five times before going off.

  • Step 6:

You must see if the light is flickering after the cycle is over or if it went off. If the Cuisinart coffee maker «Сlean» light doesn’t turn off, you can move on to the next section of this article.

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How to Turn Off the Clean Light

Now, let’s look at how to turn off the «Сlean» light on the Cuisinart coffee maker. After you finish cleaning the appliance and the light doesn’t go off, don’t feel frustrated. There is also no solution for this in the manual.

  • Clean It Again:

If the Cuisinart coffee maker’s «Сlean» light doesn’t turn off, you can solve this by repeating the cleaning process with fresh water and vinegar. Then, wait a few minutes and the light will go off. This worked for many users.

  • Flush it With Water:

The «Сlean» light might still be on because of leftover vinegar in the coffee maker. If you use the Cuisinart DCC series, press buttons 1, 2, 3, and 4 to dispense up to 12 cups of water in the maker. For the SS series, push the 8oz and 6oz buttons simultaneously to dispense water. The water will get rid of the leftover vinegar.

  • Have a Technician Look at It:
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If you’ve tried the two methods above but the Cuisinart coffee maker «Сlean» light won’t turn off, you can have a technician look at it.

Tips & Advice

  • Use Soft Water Instead

Instead of cleaning and decalcifying your Cuisinart coffee maker often because of the water in your house, you can turn to change this to soft water. This is done using a water filtration system. Since mineral deposits damage different appliances in the home that use water, this won’t be useful only for your coffee maker but for the rest of your water appliances.

  • Clean Your Coffee Maker Once a Month


  1. How does the Cuisinart self-clean button function?

When you fill-up the reservoir with 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar, you only have to select the button on the machine. Then, the coffee maker does all the work. This self-clean button sets Cuisinart apart from other coffee makers out there.

  1. How do I set the timer on my Cuisinart coffee maker?

If you want to use the timer on your Cuisinart coffee maker, look on the body of the machine for the clock. Turn the dial on the coffee maker to the clock and press the hour and minute buttons down. Press and release the buttons over and over again until it reaches your desired time, and then select it.

  1. What does Auto on the Cuisinart coffee maker mean?

This function programs the coffee maker to make your coffee 24 hours before the set time. It can also be a Prog button.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to turn off the «Сlean» light on the Cuisinart coffee maker, you don’t have to panic or be frustrated when the light refuses to go off. Finally, ensure you have thoroughly cleaned it and used water to flush it out so you don’t taste the vinegar in your coffee! If nothing works, you can call a technician or contact Cuisinart for support.

Although the manual does not say how you can turn the «Сlean» light off, it includes other maintenance procedures that you should follow if you want to own a Cuisinart coffee maker for long. Follow these and drink a yummy cup of coffee daily!