Coffee Table With Hidden Gun Storage

Last Thursday, my wife laughed when I pointed to our new coffee table and said can you get my gun?

“What gun? What are you talking about?”

But her laughter turned into amazement when I triggered the secret compartment with my phone and my SIG MPX and P938 slide out like magic!

She’s not laughing anymore. Nope… now she compliments me on how smart I am and for the extra safety I give the family.


Gun safes are “safe” but not practical for home defense. What if you need to quickly access it to protect family or yourself from a home invasion or burglary? Sure, you could sleep with your gun under your pillow, but who wants to do that?

The only alternative in the past was to put it in a safe. The problem is by the time you make your way to the safe and unlock it (in the dark)… you’re already too late!

In fact, many experts believe if you can’t get to your gun within 10-15 seconds there’s no point of having it around as a home defense weapon.

In order to protect yourself, family and property you need to be able to get to your weapon in seconds no matter where you’re at in the house.

Consider this… 65% of all home break-ins occur during the day when you’re not in the bedroom.

Having a tactical advantage in the room you’re most likely to be in or near will give you peace of mind knowing your home defense gun is locked and invisible but accessible in less than a couple of seconds.

The Tactical Coffee Table has no keys to lose, no magnets, no combination lock, just a state of the art Bluetooth-enabled RFID (radio frequency Identification locking system) that opens the shelf in one second with your cell phone or keycard.

This is a new FREE upgrade we’re offering TODAY. More on that later.

Here’s how it works…

  • Download the easy to use app in the Apple store or Google Play for. (I guarantee this will be the easiest app you ever used… only one button to operate!)
  • Just Hit the unlock button on your phone and it sends a encrypted signal to the lock release (less than one second) …
  • The secret compartment drops out (no electricity required) exposing a high-density foam lined cavity holding your firearms.

If you do this in front your family and friends, the look on their face when they see this miracle will be worth more than the price you paid for the Tactical Coffee Table! It looks like something out of a James Bond movie!

But that’s not all! What if you need access to your weapons and your phone isn’t by you or it’s not charged? No problem, you can get in in less than a second using the provided key cards.

These cards are great to put in your wallet, in a book or hidden under a knickknack. Just place the key card over the trigger point on the outside of the coffee table… and YOU get instant access!

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We also build the RFID lock to include two built-in safeguards ensuring you’ll never get locked out. First, if the batteries get low, you will get a warning to replace them.

Assuming you ignore the warning—you won’t, but let’s say you do and the batteries go dead—no problem, simply plug in the included external battery backup into the port which is as easy as plugging a headphone into a jack… and you’re in.

We’re the only ones in the industry that use this state of the art locking system — and that’s what we’re using on your Tactical Coffee Table. We retail this lock alone for $179, but when you order now we’ll throw it in for FREE!

The Tactical Coffee Table exterior measures 47″ long by 23.5″ wide – which is the perfect size for most living rooms. Not too small. Not to big where it gives it away.

The secret interior compartment (the part where you put your guns) is an impressive 31″ long x 15″ wide.

Because of its size, you can fit smaller rifles and shotguns, plus any pistol(s) you want. In the picture above I have a SIG MPX Copperhead, P938 9mm, Medford Praetorian (I love that knife) with plenty of room to spare.


You can use the Tactical Coffee Table to SECRETLY store ANYTHING! Guns. Jewelry. Watches. Documents too. Deeds. Wills. Birth Certificates. Stock Certificates. Contracts. Cigars (in a cigar room)… We’ve even had a customer tell us he keeps his prescription drugs inside (for a problem he doesn’t want to advertise to the world) because the nosey cleaning people like to snoop through his drawers.

Heck, I use the Coffee Table to lock away my kids’ laptops and phones when they get in trouble. They hate it because the only person that can access it is me. I love it because I have storage for my guns.

On a side note (I’m asked this all the time) – yes my kids know guns are inside because I taught them proper gun safety, including to never touch my stuff. My opinion (not to lecture you) is that every family member in your house should know what’s inside – otherwise, just don’t keep guns in your house.

Moving on….

Your Tactical Coffee table comes with a customizable foam pad that is to be trimmed to fit your weapon. Simply place your gear on top of the foam however you want to display it. With a handheld razor, cut around your weapon, your optics and your magazines, whatever, and peel away excess foam. Your firearm will snug safely and securely into place.


Did I just use the word “decor”? Don’t tell anyone! But seriously, we can make your Tactical Coffee Table in any choice of six wood stains… Early American, Dark Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ebony or unfinished that can be painted or stained in whatever color you choose.

Setting up your Tactical Coffee table is so easy a child could do it. I don’t say that lightly! The main stipulation I gave my engineer was they had to make this in a way that only took a few minutes to assemble… PERIOD!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand when I buy a piece of furniture and I have to read through 30 pages of bad directions, only to assemble it the wrong way. Then take it apart again and start all over. Ugh!

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Not with the Tactical Coffee Table. All you need to do is use the special tool we send you (you’ll end up keeping it for other stuff around the house) and screw on the legs. We have a video to show you exactly how to do this! You don’t need to buy anything else or run to the hardware store.

Everything is in the box and more than likely you won’t even have to look at the ½ page of instructions!

During this special marketing test we will be including the following upgrades free with every Tactical Coffee Table order. Keep in mind, these upgrades are only guaranteed today, meaning if you come back to the site tomorrow – they might not be available.


For a limited time I’m going to upgrade your Tactical Coffee Table from our standard lock to the new RFID Bluetooth fast-action locking system! Not only does this lock give you better security and faster access… it also allows you effortlessly open your table with your cellphone with just one click!

Don’t have your cell phone with you all the time? No problem, your Tactical Coffee Table will also come with two special encrypted key cards that will open it with just a swipe of the card.

When you order now we’ll include a super cool LED lighting kit for your special edition Tactical Coffee Table.

This motion-activated LED kit will light up to 3-feet of space, and with its motion activation the lights go on as soon as it opens.

What’s more, it operates on AAA batteries so you don’t have to worry about running plugs or wires… everything is 100% concealed.


When you order now…your Tactical Coffee Table will leave our shop made with the finest finish we offer.

Why would you want that type of finish? Because it looks amazing. It’s more durable. And it will last years longer. Most cabinet shops will ding you extra for this. But when you order today it’s FREE of charge.

The price you pay for the Tactical Coffee Table isn’t a cost… it’s an investment

An investment in your home!

An investment in your family security!

An investment in something that nobody else has!

An investment you can take with you anywhere you move!

So what kind of investment are we talking about? Well, it’s not cheap. Why would you want something cheap in your home with your hand gun inside?

But it is a bargain!

Go into any local furniture store and check out similarly sized and quality coffee tables. You’re looking at $900+!

Not to mention comparing the Tactical Coffee Table to an ordinary end table is like comparing a house cat to a tiger. An ordinary coffee table just holds remote controls and some books on top.

But the Tactical Coffee Table does all that plus protects your family and home.

So the question is why would you pay $900 for a coffee table that does nothing but sit on the floor…

When you can own a Tactical Coffee Table that includes…

FREE: Bluetooth lock upgrade ($172 value)

FREE: LED light kit ($29.52 value)

FREE: Premium Quality Finish

Not for $900…$600 or even $700…

…but for a one time investment (guaranteed TODAY only) of just $497!

That puts your price lower than an ordinary coffee table with no secret compartment. Heck, that’s lower than wholesale for this model. You’re not just getting a good deal when you order right now. You’re getting a STEAL! The ONLY way you can lose is by clicking off this website and missing out on this special offer only to come back and have to pay double next time.

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So what’s the catch? Why would we offer so inexpensively? The answer is simple…world of mouth is more powerful than advertising. We know when people see a Tactical Coffee Table in your house the first thing they will ask is where did you get that?

So it’s a win-win situation. You get a great price and we get new customers with no advertising expense. What’s more, the money is irrelevant because you get a….

We’re not a high-pressure sales company so I don’t expect you to make final decision right now. Instead, just order your Tactical Coffee Table now at this special price (you don’t want to miss that)…a nd place it on the side of your bed or by your chair.

Put in your living room. Put some books or magazines on the top. Live with it in the room for a full month. Treat them like regular furniture. See how great they match your decor. Feel how smooth the rich wood stain is.

Only after living with it for a full month, then decide if you want to keep it. If the Tactical Coffee Table isn’t 110% of what you need it to be – you’re entitled to a refund. No hassles. No restocking fees. None of that.

But… I don’t think you’ll asking for a refund.

In fact, you may be ordering another one for a different room (if they are still available!) because you will feel great about yourself for making this smart choice.

Extremely Limited Quantities. Only 79 Left!

This is not a gimmick. We only built 100 Tactical Coffee tables with no plans to build anymore. Why? It can’t be mass produced so the margins don’t even make it worth doing. When you factor in materials, time and an incredible amount of skilled labor… we’re probably making enough to buy a decent lunch off each unit. Of course, this something we can’t keep building if we want to keep our lights on.

Now out of the 100 we built, 2 got damaged. The rest are spoken for by family, employees and friends. That leaves us with just 79 for sale now. Probably much less by the time you read this.

This means if you want one or even think you might, it’s in your best interest to order now or you have a really good chance of someone else beating you to it.

Ordering is quick, secure and easy. Here’s what you do….

1. Just scroll back up to the top of this page.

2. Select your color

3. Then click the “add to cart button”. What’s going to happen next is you’ll be taken to our 100% secure server where you can review your order before checking out.

Keep in mind… this special wholesale price and free upgrades are only guaranteed today. If you come back tomorrow and they are gone – this offer has expired. No exceptions.