Coffee Table Decor With Tray

For a while, my coffee table served as a racetrack for Hot Wheels and a village for Little People. As my boys have gotten older, however, I’ve managed to make this coffee table look grown-up again! Now, with the help of some blogging friends, I’m sharing tips on how to create an elegant coffee table vignette so you TOO can transform your family room.

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The Pinterest Challenge

I’m thrilled to feature this coffee table decor as part of a monthly Pinterest Challenge hosted by Cindy from County Road 407.

Have you ever seen a pin on Pinterest and wondered how you can recreate the same vibe at home? On the fourth Tuesday of each month, Cindy challenges a group of bloggers to do just that!

By visiting our pin-spired creations, we hope you’ll have the confidence to actually try this at home.

If you’re visiting from Leslea at A Heart Filled Home, welcome! She has some wonderful fall coffee table styling tips to get you in the mood for my favorite season!

Don’t forget to check out all the other creative ideas from my fellow bloggers at the end of this post.

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The Inspiration: Coffee Table Tray Decor

This month, our inspiration photo came from Yvonne at StoneGable who shared her Summer Open House Tour. It’s a sight to behold!

Yvonne always has expert decorating tips and interior design secrets on her blog. I promise you’ll be glad you visited.

In my vignette below, I’ll walk through how I took elements from Yvonne’s photo and created my own version using items I already had on hand.

I’m a big believer in repurposing objects and accents to revitalize your home without spending moola.

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Coffee Table Decor: Main Elements

Using Yvonne’s tray decor as a starting point, I went on a shopping spree around the house. I spotted six main elements I wanted to echo in my own vignette:

  1. Rustic tray
  2. Tuscan terra cotta urn
  3. Trio of neutral books
  4. Boxwood topiary
  5. Large architectural sphere
  6. Small sculptural accent

Luckily, I already had some of these items in my inventory, though I’ll admit most were not on my coffee table…yet!

You’ll notice I had to improvise on a few items, but the effect is roughly the same. Can you spot where I made substitutions?

Let’s walk through staging a coffee table in detail.

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The Base: Decorative Tray for Coffee Table

For a rustic coffee table aesthetic, I used a light-colored rectangular tray. This tray was a Home Goods find, but I’ll link to similar items at the end of this post.

I’ve seen so many different tray styles on Pinterest, from mirrored/acrylic to vintage/wooden and everything in between. Because my coffee table and side tables have a dark, rustic feel, I felt a lighter woven tray would provide good contrast and still remain casual.

*Note: I like to place my tray at an angle versus the rectangular coffee table for more visual interest.

If you’d like to see a completely different look, check out my Christmas coffee table decor ideas!

The Focal Point: French Country Urn

This French Country urn is one of my all-time favorite purchases! However, it’s huuuuge, measuring about 16×9 inches…

While I love the way it looks in the living room, it normally belongs on our dining room table where it doesn’t face nearly as much traffic from 5-year-old twin boys. I do enjoy how the swirls on the decorative box mimic the emblem on the urn, though.

In place of hydrangeas, I added peach blossom stems, which give a wispy and light touch.

Secondary Elements: Topiary, Ceramic Bird and Decorative Box

To balance the drama of the urn, I added a boxwood topiary (stacked on three books), a rustic ceramic bird and a decorative box with assorted woven and rattan orbs.

Again, I did no additional shopping for this challenge, so the small decorative spheres inside the box serve as a little nod to Yvonne’s original metal orb.

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You’ll notice I also swapped out the pillows on the sofa in the background. While I dig the all-neutral aesthetic, I can’t live without pops of color. I think the patterns on the pillows add a different feel to the vignette. What are your thoughts?

A couple of years ago, I found a great deal on boxwood topiaries at Target. You would never know the difference between this little boxwood and others I’ve seen at higher-end home decor shops. Real dried leaves!

By the way, the coffee table books are very intentionally turned around since the spines are much too dark for this scene.

(Psst…some of these “books” are hollow inside to gobble up remote controls when no one is looking.)

My little rustic bird usually perches above the TV in an art niche, but she insisted on becoming part of this vignette. Who am I to deny her?

I think she does make a nice stand-in for the original artichoke accent in the Pinterest photo.

More Coffee Table Tray Decor Ideas

If you need more ideas for coffee table decor pieces, how about incorporating some of these accents?

  • Candles
  • Lantern decor, hurricanes or vases
  • Wooden beads
  • Fresh flower arrangement
  • Faux floral arrangements, like a succulent centerpiece
  • Terrariums
  • Stacks of books with art/design themes
  • Decorative objects, like small statues or geometric pieces
  • Magnifying glass

Pin it for later!

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