Coffee Shops In Roseville Mn

Are you a coffee lover in search of a unique experience? Look no further than Marmalade Cafe in Roseville, MN! This charming cafe is not your average coffee shop – it’s a cat cafe! That’s right, you can enjoy your favorite specialty coffee or tea while surrounded by adorable and adoptable cats.

Coffee Shops In Roseville Mn
Coffee Shops In Roseville Mn

A Cafe with a Cause

Marmalade Cafe is the first cat cafe in Minneapolis, and they take their mission seriously. Since their establishment in 2018, they have successfully facilitated over 900 cat adoptions. Their goal is to find loving homes for every feline in their care.

How It Works

When you enter Marmalade Cafe, you’ll find a cozy coffee shop with all your favorite drink options. From local specialty coffee to seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice latte, they have something for every palate. But the real highlight is on the other side of the window – the cat area.

To ensure the cats’ well-being, Marmalade Cafe charges a small fee to enter the cat area. This fee goes towards covering the cats’ care and maintenance. It’s a win-win situation; you get to enjoy your coffee while cuddling with furry friends, and the cats get the chance to find their forever homes.

A Unique Adoption Process

Marmalade Cafe partners with two rescues to provide a safe haven for their feline friends. The cafe works as a foster home until the cats find their forever families. This setup allows potential adopters to spend time with the cats, getting to know their personalities and finding a perfect match for their homes.

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Whether you’re unable to have a cat of your own or simply looking for some feline companionship, Marmalade Cafe offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with these beautiful animals. It’s a great way to lift your spirits and enjoy some quality time with adorable cats.

Finding Your Perfect Match

With around 28 cats available for adoption at any given time, there’s a cat for everyone at Marmalade Cafe. While all the cats deserve loving homes, there is one special feline that the cafe owner, Jessica Bird, believes deserves extra attention – Porsche.

Porsche, a sweet and overlooked cat, has been with Marmalade Cafe for a while. She has a heartwarming personality and goes out of her way to make everyone feel special. When you visit the cafe, keep an eye out for Porsche. She might just steal your heart with her affectionate nature.

Visit Marmalade Cafe Today!

If you’re in the Roseville area, make sure to visit Marmalade Cafe. They are located on Lexington and Larpenteur, making it a convenient spot for coffee and cat lovers alike. The cafe is open every day except Mondays, and they welcome visitors to come in, relax, and enjoy the company of their furry residents.

Remember, Marmalade Cafe is not just a place to grab a cup of coffee – it’s an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these precious cats. So why not visit today and see if you find your purrfect match? For more information and to plan your visit, check out Marmalade Cafe.

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