Coffee County Sheriff’s Office Ga

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About the County

Coffee County was part of Clinch, Irwin, Telfair, and Ware Counties before the state legislature intervened in February 1854. The county is in Georgia’s Costal Plains and is named for John E. Coffee, a prominent farmer and politician from neighboring Telfair County. He was also Georgia’s representative in Congress and the Georgia General Assembly.

Residents refer to the area where the county is located as the wiregrass region due to the predominance of wiregrass. It had a plethora of resources, including rivers, wildlife, and other species that attracted many white settlers in the 1800s. However, only the boldest pioneers ever settled there.

In the late 1850s, authorities named Douglas as the county’s seat, named for Illinois Senator Stephen Arnold Douglas. Today, the town is popular for several things, including being home to South Georgia College, which has one of the state’s largest Elder hostel programs.

The 2020 census results indicate that the county’s population growth has been upward. It has 43,092 people, a 2.09% increase from 2010.

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About the County Sheriff’s Office

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining law and order in the county and supervising detention facilities and prison populations. Additionally, the officers create an ideal environment for businesses to thrive. The current Sheriff is Doyle Wooten, who works with the help of various divisions and officers to achieve the community protection goal. These divisions include the Records Section, Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and the K-9 Unit.

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Some of the office’s specific duties include:

Foreclosure Sales

The Sheriff’s Office lists foreclosure homes and properties for sale in the county, including bank-owned homes. The timelines for the sales vary, but you can contact the department at 912-384-4227 for assistance and clarification.

Successful bidders must present at least 10% of the successful bidding amount during the sales day, although the percentage may vary. Afterward, you must stay in touch with the Clerk of Courts for updates on the sale status, after which you pay the remaining amount.

Notably, you’ll be responsible for clearing any outstanding debts on the property. This includes purchase-related costs such as legal fees and unpaid taxes.

Information on available Sheriff Sales is also available on this website.

Civil Processes

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division is responsible for serving legal documents and carrying out writs as required by law. These documents come from the county courts and other jurisdictions in the state and countrywide. To assist in the recovery of money judgments, the Civil Division also executes levies while conducting Sheriff’s Office auctions.

The timeline for eviction after submitting a Writ of Possession is 10 business days from the posting date. However, unavoidable circumstances may delay processing your application, consequently slowing down your application. As a result, call the Sheriff’s Office after the 10 days elapse to check on the status of your writ. You can also mail your documents to:

Coffee County Sheriff’s Office

Civil Division

101 South Peterson Avenue

Douglas, Georgia, 31533

The Jail Division

Coffee County Jail is at 825 Thompson Dr, Douglas, GA 31535, United States. It is the county’s main correction center that houses male and female offenders, primarily those awaiting trial or sentencing. Additionally, inmates serving medium-term sentences imposed by the county courts spend time in this jail.

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County Inmate Search

Georgia’s Freedom of Information Act classifies offender information under public records. As such, correctional facilities and agencies across the United States must devise easy information access ways for the general public. In compliance, most departments developed online websites for accessing this data.

However, Coffee County is yet to adopt the technology, although inmate search is still possible through the Sheriff’s Office. The department provides a jail inmate roster that interested individuals can review. The roster contains the following offender information:

  • Name
  • Arrest Date
  • Booking Number
  • Bond Amount
  • Reasons for Arrest
  • Possible Release Date

Alternatively, you can call the jail at 912-384-4227 and inquire. Ensure you present the inmate’s full name for easy information retrieval.

Online Inmate Search

Even though Coffee County doesn’t have an online inmate search website, the exercise is possible through third-party websites. However, most of them will charge you a fee, and the information may not be reliable due to untimely and unverified updates.

Inmate Search via the DOC’s Website

Georgia Department of Corrections maintains information on inmates in state-run correctional facilities. Offenders from the Coffee County Jail may end up in the DOC’s custody as a result of facility transfer, which happens when:

  • A Judge Sentences Offenders Awaiting Trial. Such sentences may be such that their conditions can only be met at the state level.
  • The Sheriff’s Requests for a Transfer. This scenario happens after an inmate’s security status changes. The Sheriff must illustrate to the court that it’s impossible to meet the offender’s security needs at the county jail.
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In any of the above cases, you can conduct an inmate search via the DOC’s website. The following are the search options available:

  • Name Search
  • ID/Case Number Search

When using the Name Search option, provide the offender’s first and last name in conjunction for better results. However, separate and partial options are also available, although the results are broad and inaccurate. The ID/Case Number Search option is the most accurate as each number identifies a particular individual.

Notably, inmates can have more than one case number, especially if they’ve faced other criminal charges.