Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Are you ready to embark on a coffee adventure in Tokyo? Join Adam, Andrew, and their friend, Rie McClenny, as they dive into the world of caffeine in the second part of their Japan series. From charming coffee shops to unique brews, they’re on a mission to find the most worth-it coffee at different price points.

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz
Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

A Coffee Journey Begins

The trio begins their quest by visiting a local coffee roastery in Tokyo. They learn about the importance of roasting their own beans, ensuring the freshest and highest-quality coffee for their customers. Sipping their first cup, they are amazed by its powerful and strong flavor, a perfect blend of bitterness and sweetness.

As they explore more coffee shops, they discover the beauty of iced coffee, which allows them to savor their beverages for a longer time. Surrounded by dreamers and entrepreneurs, they find inspiration in their surroundings, realizing that a good cup of coffee can kickstart any pursuit.

Coffee Elementary School: Where Coffee Meets Education

On their caffeine-fueled journey, they stumble upon Coffee Elementary School, a unique coffee shop run by a former elementary school teacher turned barista. The cozy atmosphere and handmade mugs add to the experience. Savoring their cups of coffee, they are delighted by the smoothness and subtle hints of blueberries.

With a playful analogy, Adam compares the surprise of discovering the blueberry flavor to the unmasking of a mystery in a Scooby-Doo episode, leaving them mind-blown by the taste and quality of the coffee.

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Osaka’s Most Expensive Coffee

The adventure continues as they make their way to Osaka in search of the most expensive coffee. Along the way, they indulge in delicious bento boxes picked by Rie, adding a culinary twist to their coffee exploration.

Finally, they arrive at a coffee shop where the beans are barrel-aged, transforming them into a unique and rare treat. As they sip the dark liquid, reminiscent of a fine wine, they are captivated by the rich flavors of chocolate. Each sip reveals new layers of complexity, leaving them in awe of the experience.

Choosing the Most Worth-It Coffee

After their whirlwind journey through Tokyo and Osaka, it’s time to choose their most worth-it coffee. While each place holds a special memory, Adam and Andrew both agree that Coffee Elementary School steals the show. The combination of a cool atmosphere, exceptional taste, and the genuine passion of the barista make it an unforgettable experience.

On the other hand, Rie’s favorite is also Coffee Elementary School, emphasizing the deliciousness of their brew. However, Adam, true to his adventurous spirit, chooses R.O.Star as his winner, appreciating its affordability and heartwarming charm.

Join them in the upcoming episode to discover Rie’s favorite: cakes. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and mouthwatering treats from Marmalade Cafe. Cheers to coffee, camaraderie, and discovering the hidden gems of Japan!

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