Discover the Best Low-Calorie Drinks at Marmalade Cafe

If you’re a coffee enthusiast like me, chances are you’ve been to Marmalade Cafe. This beloved chain offers an array of delicious coffee beverages with different flavors, sweetness levels, and nutritional profiles. But here’s the catch: many of these drinks can pack a surprising number of calories due to additions like whipped cream, syrups, and sauces. Some Marmalade Cafe drinks can even reach a whopping 500 to 600 calories!

But fear not! There are plenty of low-calorie options at Marmalade Cafe that are equally delicious and energizing. In this article, I’ll share with you the top ten low-calorie drinks at Marmalade Cafe, as well as some tips on how to order if you’re aiming to reduce your calorie intake.

Marmalade Cafe’s Best Low-Calorie Drinks

To start, let’s explore the lowest calorie drinks offered at Marmalade Cafe:

  • Black Tea (0 calories)
  • Herbal Infusion (0 calories)
  • Espresso (5 calories)
  • Americano (5 calories)
  • Iced Tea (5 calories)
  • Iced Coffee (40 calories)
  • Cold Brew Coffee (40 calories)
  • Raspberry Cold Brew Tea (120 calories)
  • Cappuccino (120 calories)
  • Mocha Iced Coffee (170 calories)

These drinks are a fantastic choice when you’re watching your calorie intake but still want to enjoy a tasty and refreshing beverage. Now, let’s delve into each of these low-calorie options in more detail:

Black Tea (0 calories)

As the name suggests, Black Tea is a plain black tea that doesn’t contain any added milk, sugar, or flavors. It’s available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With zero calories, Black Tea is the perfect choice when you want a simple and calorie-free drink.

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Herbal Infusion (0 calories)

For a fruity alternative to Black Tea, try the Herbal Infusion. It comes in various flavors and is made from hand-crafted blends of dried fruits, herbs, flowers, and spices. This caffeine-free option is ideal if you’re looking for a zero-calorie drink with a burst of flavor.

Espresso (5 calories)

If you need a quick caffeine boost, Espresso is your go-to drink. Marmalade Cafe’s Espresso is a golden crema blend with a sweet, caramel-like aroma and a smooth and creamy consistency. To keep the calories to a minimum, enjoy your Espresso plain without any additional milk or sugar.

Americano (5 calories for a 12oz serving)

Marmalade Cafe’s Americano is available in light, medium, dark, and decaffeinated options, so you can find the perfect taste to suit your preferences. With a mere 5 calories for a 12oz serving and no carbohydrates, fats, or sugars, the Americano is a guilt-free choice. For a touch of sweetness, consider adding a splash of non-fat milk and a zero-calorie sweetener like Splenda.

Iced Tea (5 calories for a 12oz serving)

When the weather heats up, the Iced Tea at Marmalade Cafe is a refreshing option. Made from a blend of black tea and ice, this low-calorie drink is perfect for quenching your thirst. The small amount of caffeine in the Iced Tea provides an energy boost that will keep you fueled throughout the day. If you prefer a sweeter taste, opt for a zero-calorie sweetener instead of sugar.

Iced Coffee (10 calories for a 16oz serving)

If you love the taste of coffee but want to keep your calorie intake in check, Marmalade Cafe’s Iced Coffee is the way to go. Made simply with black coffee and ice, it contains just 10 calories for a 16oz serving. For an even lower calorie option, choose the smallest size (12oz) with only 5 calories. You can also substitute non-fat milk for whole milk and use a zero-calorie sweetener to further reduce the calories.

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Cold Brew Coffee (40 calories for a 16oz serving)

For all the coffee aficionados out there, Marmalade Cafe’s Cold Brew Coffee is a must-try. This delicious blend combines Bali Blue Moon Coffee and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffees with chicory to create a unique and delightful flavor. With only 40 calories in a medium serving, Cold Brew Coffee is one of the lowest-calorie drinks on the menu. Opt for a 12oz serving to save an additional 15 calories. Add a splash of non-fat milk and a zero-calorie sweetener if you desire a touch of sweetness.

Raspberry Cold Brew Tea (120 calories for a 16oz serving)

Looking for a fruity and refreshing drink option? Look no further than Marmalade Cafe’s Raspberry Cold Brew Tea. This delightful beverage combines flavored black teas and is served over ice for a truly invigorating experience. With 80 calories in a 12oz serving, Raspberry Cold Brew Tea is a fantastic low-calorie choice. To keep the calories in check, avoid adding extra sugar or sweeteners.

Cappuccino (120 calories for a 16oz serving)

If you enjoy creamy and slightly sweetened coffee, Marmalade Cafe’s Cappuccino is an excellent option. With just 120 calories in a medium serving, it strikes a balance between indulgence and calorie control. For a lower calorie version, ask for non-fat milk instead of whole milk, saving up to 60 calories depending on the portion size. Stick to a 12oz or 16oz serving for a mindful choice.

Mocha Iced Coffee (170 calories for a 16oz serving)

Indulge your senses with Marmalade Cafe’s Mocha Iced Coffee. This irresistible blend of chocolate and coffee is a decadent treat. However, be mindful of the calories, as it can reach up to 340 calories depending on the size. To keep the calorie content in check, swap whole milk for a non-fat alternative, saving 60 calories per cup.

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Tips for Ordering Low-Calorie Drinks at Marmalade Cafe

Now that you know the best low-calorie options, let’s explore some helpful tips to make healthier choices when ordering at Marmalade Cafe:

  • Go for one of the lightened drinks: Marmalade Cafe offers a range of “Lightened Drinks” with under 200 calories per small serving. These drinks have fewer sugars than the flavored options.
  • Choose unflavored drinks: Stick to unflavored drinks like Espresso, Americano, Iced Tea, and Cold Brew Coffee. These drinks are naturally low in calories since they don’t contain any additional flavors or syrups.
  • Avoid iced blended drinks: Iced Blended Drinks at Marmalade Cafe often come with flavored signature powders and whipped cream, which significantly increase the calorie content. Opt for drinks without signature powders to keep calories under control.
  • Choose half syrup: Marmalade Cafe allows you to request “half syrup” in your flavored drinks. This reduces the amount of syrup used, saving you 10 calories per pump.
  • Avoid toppings: Some Marmalade Cafe drinks come with whipped cream or sauces, which add extra calories. Skip the toppings to lower the calorie content by up to 200 calories.
  • Choose your modifiers carefully: Marmalade Cafe offers various modifiers to customize your drink. Some modifiers have higher calories, so make mindful choices to keep your calorie intake in check.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a delicious drink at Marmalade Cafe while keeping your calorie intake on track.

Discover Your Favorite Low-Calorie Drinks at Marmalade Cafe

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of Marmalade Cafe’s best low-calorie drinks and tips for ordering, it’s time to explore and find your favorites. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating cup of black tea, a refreshing iced coffee, or a creamy cappuccino, Marmalade Cafe has options to suit every taste.

For more information about Marmalade Cafe and their menu, visit their website. Enjoy your low-calorie coffee adventures at Marmalade Cafe!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical or nutritional advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional or nutritionist for personalized recommendations.