Coffee Bar In Master Bedroom


If you’re like me, you aren’t fully awake until you’ve had a cup of freshly-brewed, hot coffee. To go without it is like a nightmare (especially for those who have to deal with me). It’s not just the taste that captivates, it’s the routine of drinking something hot to stimulate the senses and prepare me for the day.

Drive-thru or walk-in, ordering coffee is as much a part of my daily routine as walking my dog, Baxter. But it’s not just me, our taste for coffee never wavers. It’s why the market is inundated with specialty coffee brands, and new coffee shops continue to pop up.

I was lying in bed one morning thinking how amazing it would be to just snap my fingers and have a hot cup of coffee appear. I looked over at Baxter, who yawned—clearly not reading my mind, and realized there was a zero chance of training him to “fetch” coffee, so I thought of the next best thing.

One of the best parts of vacationing is staying in a hotel with an in-room coffee “station”. Everything you need to make coffee is on hand, right down to the cream and sugar. You just put the water in the coffee maker, add the packet of coffee grounds and turn it on. You don’t even have to leave your room.

It used to be considered a luxury, now it’s in every hotel room. So why not have one in your own bedroom? Whether it’s a space for coffee, tea or some breakfast snacks, a coffee bar for your bedroom may not be all that far-fetched.

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee in your Own Bedroom


You can create a getaway in your master bedroom. Whether you have a whole suite or a small, cozy bedroom, you can turn the room into a dream space that will also help kick-start your morning. After all, that’s what the master bedroom has evolved into; a suite within the larger context of the house. So here’s how to save a trip to the kitchen!

Today’s coffee makers make it easy and convenient to brew that cuppa joe, almost anywhere. A small table near an outlet with a couple of mugs, spoons and selections of sugar may be all you need. If your bedroom connects to a bathroom, it’s easy to fill the coffee maker or kettle. Take it to the next level by adding a mini fridge for milk, cream, juice and water.

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A Sink in the Bedroom? Why not!


A sink in the bedroom will transform your whole life. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it can certainly transform your bedroom. So if you’re ready to fully commit to a coffee bar, a sink will make all the difference. It’s convenient for filling kettles and coffee makers and cleaning up afterwards.

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Of course you’ll need a countertop for the sink and drawers and cabinets for storage, and before you know it, you’ll have a coffee bar. No, you still want your bedroom to be a bedroom and not look like another section of your kitchen. A well-designed coffee bar can help you accomplish this.

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A Bar Fridge in the Bedroom Coffee Bar? Of course!


If you’re ready to kick it up another notch, consider installing a bar fridge. Wine in the bedroom? Well, not for breakfast, but if your bedroom is your space to retreat, why not have wine chilling at the right temperature? Another option is to install a refrigerator drawer like one offered by Sub Zero. You can store cold beverages with easy access.

Create a Coffee Corner for your Coffee Bar


Lastly, add your own touch to your coffee bar. I’m a huge proponent of designing your space with your personal style in mind.

Create a coffee corner in your bedroom with a comfy chair so you can relax with your morning newspaper or during the evenings with wine. No matter how you do it, a coffee bar will instill luxury and comfort in your bedroom oasis. At least, until I can teach the dog how to make coffee.