Coffee And Wine Bar Decor

Rookie Mistakes: a series of common decor mistakes made by a design rookie…me! And no, I’m not judging because I have made (and continue to make) these mistakes too!

  • Rookie Mistake #1: Couch Pillows
  • Rookie Mistake #2: Shower Curtains
  • Rookie Mistake #3: Generic Home Decor
  • Rookie Mistake #4: Carnations
  • Rookie Mistake #5: Decorating with Picture Frames
  • Rookie Mistake #6: Shop First, Plan Second
  • Rookie Mistake #7: Hanging Curtains
  • Rookie Mistake #8: Matching Furniture
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  • Rookie Mistake #10: Hanging Wall Art
  • Rookie Mistake #11: Buying the Wrong Size Rug
  • Rookie Mistake #12: Fireplace Mantel Decorating
  • Rookie Mistake #13: Displaying Throw Blankets
  • Rookie Mistake #14: Countertop Clutter
  • Rookie Mistake #15: Rules for Lighting
  • Rookie Mistake #16: Not So Secret Storage
  • Rookie Mistake #17: Too Many Quotes
  • Rookie Mistake #18: Wrong Scale
  • Rookie Mistake #19: Over The Toilet Storage

Remember, the Rookie Mistakes series is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. I’ve made ALL of these decorating mistakes in my home and I simply want you to learn from me so you can make your home look amazing.

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Rookie Mistake – Wine and Coffee Decor

Okay guys, get ready for some real talk because this is a rookie mistake that I know many of us have made…including me – and I have the photographic evidence to prove it.

When Finn and I were house hunting in the spring, I couldn’t help but notice that so many homeowners used wine and coffee decor all over their homes! You know the decor I’m talking about…signs that say, “Keep calm and drink coffee” or “It’s wine o’clock somewhere.” And while those signs are fine on their own (just one, please!), I often saw them paired with way too many other home decor pieces with that same exact theme. Like seriously, every piece of decor in the kitchen was either about coffee or about wine.

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Wine and coffee decor

I like coffee and wine just as much as the next gal (in fact, probably more!), but I don’t think these pieces are the best way to decorate your kitchens and dining spaces. But I’ve made this mistake myself…

Wine and coffee decor
Home Sweet Home letter board sign

These are blog pictures from over five years ago!! Bridget and I made these little printables that you could print out and frame for your kitchen and we even put some coffee stains on them to really drive that theme home. It was a fun idea and I still think it’s super cute. Lean this little frame in your kitchen by your coffee maker and you’re all set. But pairing this print, along with another sign about your love for coffee, a towel with a coffee saying, another sign that says “but first, coffee” and whoa….it’s just too too much.

I always preach that your home should tell your story and reflect your interests. And I’m sure drinking coffee and/or drinking wine do reflect people’s interests. But at some point, it does start to look a little tacky with coffee and wine decor plastered throughout your kitchen and dining rooms. You don’t need to have a picture of wine on your walls to show people how much you love wine! So, let me show you a better way to showcase your love for these yummy beverages…

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Showing My Love for Champs…

Subtle. That’s the best way to decorate to show these interests. Everyone knows that I absolutely love champagne and it’s my drink of choice – bring on the Prosecco, please – but you won’t see me with champagne-themed decor all over the place. Instead, I’m very subtle about it.

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Press for champagne decor in gallery wall

In our condo, I displayed a vase full of champagne corks on our dresser. Whenever we’d pop a bottle at home or get a bottle of nice champagne at dinner, I’d always save the cork! Now they’re displayed in here. It’s a fun memento and adds some interest to our for champagne sign

My guest room gallery wall also showed this interest, but again, it didn’t scream “I LOVE CHAMPAGNE!” Wine and cocktail bar cart from Emily Henderson

I got this little “Press for Champagne” sign (that actually rings!) and incorporated it into the rest of my gallery wall. You’ll notice that the rest of my gallery wall has nothing to do with my love for champagne. And you’ll notice that I don’t have my jar of corks sitting right under this. That prevents this from looking like a champagne themed wall and instead, makes it a quirky piece of wall art!

If you really are a wine or coffee connoisseur, you can definitely show that love in your home. And I think the best way to do that is through the presentation of those beverages to your guests.

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Wine & Cocktail Bars Done Right

Emily Henderson cocktail bar

Photo via Emily Henderson

If you love vino, cocktails, and entertaining, then you should create a central zone for all of those items. It could be a bar cart like in the inspiration above.

Rookie Mistake Wine Mood Board

Photo via Emily Henderson

Or, just designate an open surface in your home for a tray with all of those goodies. It’s the presentation of the sparkly decanters, the bar accessories, and the cloth napkins that highlights your enthusiasm for wine and cocktails! There’s no need for silly signs or decor — just let the actual bar accessories shine!

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Here are some cool bar carts and accompanying accessories that could take your current setup to the next level…

magnolia home coffee bar

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Coffee Bars Done Right

The same theory goes for that morning cup of joe. Instead of spending your money on random coffee decor, upgrade to a nicer machine or new coffee mugs. You don’t need to make an entire coffee bar area in your kitchen, but corralling a few items can create a mini statement of style!

rookie mistake coffee mood board

Photo via Magnolia

I love this little setup in the kitchen with shelves featuring mugs and plants. Then, down below you find the nice coffee maker and beans in a glass jar.

Casey drinking coffee

Photo via Magnolia

And the same goes for this small coffee bar setup. The coffee beans, grinder, and mugs clearly showcase that this is where you pour your morning cup. It’s understated and classy!

Here are some more coffee accessories that would make for a good styling setup in your kitchen or dining area…

Rookie Mistake - Coffee and Wine Decor

Cheers!Rookie Mistake - Coffee and Wine Decor

I hope today’s rookie mistake wasn’t too harsh because I’ve made this “mistake” in the past too! Cheers to creating a home that shows off our passions and interests, but in a subtle way. Now, who is craving some wine and coffee after this post? I sure am!