Coffee And Kahlua Crazy Cake

This Kahlúa Coffee Chocolate Cake has a super moist crumb infused with a luscious coffee and chocolate liqueur mixture. It’s a chocolate and coffee lovers dessert dream and so easy to make!

Serve a slice with a drizzle of Chocolate Sauce and a dollop of Homemade Whipped Cream. Heaven!

close up Kahlua Chocolate Bundt Cake

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Easy Chocolate Bundt Cake

This Kahlua Cake is one of the original recipes I posted here on the website, back in February of 2009. It was served at my friend’s baby shower and I immediately asked for the recipe. Turned out it was so easy that it became my go to brunch dessert for years.

The icing sinks into all the holes and creates a rich, moist, and coffee flavored chocolate cake. Seriously amazing. Honestly, it’s like the original “poke” cake before I knew what a poke cake was!

slice of chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries

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Kahlua Cake Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:(Scroll below to the printable recipe card for details and measurements.)

  • Chocolate cake mix: Just an easy store-bought box, but feel free to use your favorite from scratch chocolate cake mix!
  • Chocolate pudding mix: Just the powder from a box of instant chocolate pudding
  • Vegetable oil
  • Large eggs
  • Brewed coffee: It needs to be cooled, so plan accordingly.
  • Crème de cocoa: this is sweet liqueur, with a strong milk chocolate flavor and notes of vanilla. Delish!
  • Kahlúa: a coffee-flavored, rum-based liqueur.
  • Icing: A combination of powdered sugar, brewed coffee, Kahlúa, crème de cocoa.
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Recipe Variations

  • Don’t have a bundt pan? A 13×9-inch baking pan holds 14 cups and can easily accommodate a 12-cup Bundt cake recipe. Cooking time may vary, so stay in the kitchen while the cake bakes and give it plenty of attention to ensure proper doneness.
  • Vary the liqueur: for a different flavor, use a coffee, hazelnut, or almond liqueur.
  • Replace the alcohol: The flavors won’t be as complex, but you could substitute the crème de cocoa with chocolate syrup (keep in mind, this will also make it sweeter.)
Whole Kahlua Chocolate Bundt Cake on white plate

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Recipe Tips

  • To poke the holes: you can use a skewer, fork tines, or the handle of a small wooden spoon. I prefer a wooden spoon so the holes are big enough to really soak up the liquid.
  • Let the cake rest: I think this cake tastes even better the longer it sits (like overnight), which gives the icing mixture more time to soak in.

How to Store Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake will last about 1-2 days at normal room temperature. Anything longer, it will need to be refrigerated (for up to 4 days.) Either way, be sure to cover it with foil or plastic wrap so it doesn’t dry out. You can also freeze it for up to 2 months (without the icing.)

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