Chock Full O’nuts Coffee Review

[spoiler title=’Click here to read the transcript. ‘ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] okay okay all right that is it there hey everybody yeah welcome to coffee coffee

coffee your place for everage Joe coffee reviews today is a live review Oh chock

full o’Nuts New York dark roast as recommended by a

YouTube viewer Kimsey bsp we don’t know their real name we don’t thank you

tanzie DSP for the recommendation and now here’s the review right so Chuck

full of nuts you might wonder about the name yeah

are there nuts in there yeah and I actually the first time I ever heard

the name I really thought it’s got nuts in it

like maybe something like that I don’t know like maybe they roast it with nuts

I don’t know roasted peanuts pretty good though

well that’s true yeah not boiled chestnuts roasting on an open fire in a cauldron with your coffee so but they did start

out right as a nut company in the 1920s then in the 1930s they changed from

being a nut company to a nut and coffee company both okay and then now they only

sell coffee so no more nuts returned and their bag

even says like 100 percent coffee no nuts no nuts other people ask that I’m sure like

crazy so we got it I forgot to look well okay so we bought the brick we bought the

brick and the brick is $4.49 or we paid 449 for the ten and a half ounce

brick no I’m sure I forgot I meant to look and we’re live so I

can’t go check yeah to see how much the can was which you know it’s gonna be

different every where you’re at so just look online or look in your store at the

can right to see what it costs I’m sure it’s cheaper cheaper yeah and that’s

like per pound that would be what do you remember

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man we were not prepared for this review I know I know

I’m gonna press this button right here oh wait I didn’t know what I was doing

okay um but anyway so we got the coffee and you can do the math

try that we’re gonna try my favorite cheap coffee yeah which at the brick cost

at 449 for the 10 1/2 ounce bag it’s not super cheap it’s not doesn’t fall

into our super cheap – you know well less than five dollars a pound


we have always avoided the chock full of nuts because a friend of ours called it

chock-full of butts Mark Coffman meaning cigarette butts I think oh yeah I

think no I don’t even think he dislikes I’ll have to ask him but because I think

I told him one time that we always called it Chuck full of us because we

had heard right yep well actually Amy his our his your

sister-in-law I don’t know how you would we’re married so yeah okay yeah she

would come she told me that Mark said Chock full o butts so I think it was one of

those things he said in passing I don’t know we’ll have to clarify whether he

likes it passing but this coffee what do we think about it okay taste some nuts

probably no nuts but it’s a psychological probably but it’s it’s a

dark roast and I like it mm-hmm in the beginning I kind of thought it’s

like maybe a little like ashy kind of tasting or like a maybe kind of smoky um

it kind of calms down though first of all I think as it kind of sat there open

you know for a little bit and so I enjoy it though yeah yeah uh I was surprised

you know like I said we avoided it because of what it is I don’t think so

yeah normally coffees that come in big cans we say there’s gotta be something

up with that okay why do you sell it in such big quantities or you could say

it’s sold in such big quantities because it’s so good yeah um which of course

well folders which we don’t know we don’t like the regular stuff mm but

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people buy it chock full o nuts we didn’t really think anything of other than

avoid this at all costs and people buy it yes you hear about it you know

right that coffee you know that name but it’s good it does say it should be intense

and I think it is kind of intense like you know especially in the beginning

it’s like oh yeah that’s dark but again it kind of mellows out after a few days

and I really like it yeah it’s chock full flavor by not nuts no but it does

have that that name for it it’s a doughnut rating I think maybe three and

a half we are like same brain well you know when you’ve just got hello Carolyn

Cox when you know we’ve only got five doughnuts to choose from so we can

basically get in that same kind of mindset and we are husband and wife sometimes people think

we’re brother and sister but we’re husband and wife as we look so much alike

right now I look taller than she is but we are the exact we’re the exact same

height yeah and we wear the same shoe size not the same shoes at the same time

that’d be weird yeah but it cuts down on clothing cost so anyway I think we’re

done with this one yeah I think we covered everything yeah if you’ve had

chock full o’Nuts let us know what you thought about it in the comments below

and we know there’s another one at Kinsey DSP asked us to try I can’t remember and

it’s it’s another chock full o’Nuts there’s a different roast can’t remember

the name of it offhand but I’ve got it written down for us to check out we love

you know cheaper coffee you know that’s one of those things like some people

that come in are like oh you shouldn’t even try that you know the cheaper

that’s the whole point we want to try all the coffee and see like which

ones are good and really try to compare all of them not just not just cheap and

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not just expensive see what I like yeah SQPR sorry

I’m not looking right now are you saying that the price is high for chock full o nuts

we think probably it is for that brick yeah we got it at walmart

or do you mean our altitude there’s a our altitudes not very high but there’s a

lake back in there we’re in North Georgia Lake Lanier out there

hey Chris hey Chris congratulations on the winning of the Caribou Coffee mm-hmm

on the way to your house mm-hmm yeah did you delete his address yes because you put your

address on the comments but I deleted it we just didn’t want it yeah yeah well

a lot of our millions of people out there watching our silly faces reviewing

coffee we didn’t want you know that your address out there but anyway we we’re

glad that you entered and you won yeah you’re certainly welcome yeah

and so I think that that covers it should wrap it up yeah there’s only so

much talking we can do about the coffee Kinsey dsp is not here I don’t think

watching or hasn’t commented anyway yeah but we’ll be sure to let them know that

great idea that’s what we’re here for to inspire people to drink more coffee

right but hopefully they take a look at the

review in the let them know that we did it mmm well thanks for joining us and

until next time keep grindin [/spoiler]

Brand: Chock Full O Nuts Roast: Dark Price per pound: $6 Flavors we detected / other notes: nutty, smokey, bitter Overall rating: Would we buy it again? Yes

It’s priced rather high here on Amazon. You can pick it up on here for a better price.

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