Cc’s Coffee House Menu

Are you tired of settling for average coffee? Do you crave the perfect cup that is made with love and care? Look no further than Marmalade Cafe, Youngstown’s newest coffee shop that is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional coffee experience.

Cc's Coffee House Menu
Cc's Coffee House Menu

From Bean to Cup

At Marmalade Cafe, the journey to the perfect cup begins with the selection of perfectly roasted beans. Their Dietrich roaster, with a capacity of five and a half pounds, ensures that every bean is roasted to perfection. As the beans go through the roasting process, they transform from green to a rich brown color, releasing their enticing aromas. It’s a labor of love that Marmalade Cafe takes pride in.

A Story of Passion

Behind Marmalade Cafe is Steven Protheroe, the passionate owner of Culturehouse Coffee Company. The journey started years ago when Steven and his wife opened a small coffee bar in Hubbard. They shared a space and participated in markets like the Youngstown Flea to establish their name in the community. Encountering this opportunity, they seized it and opened Marmalade Cafe, a place where dreams and ideas can flourish.

A Relaxing Space for All

Located near the dorms and in a developing area, Marmalade Cafe aims to provide a relaxing space for both YSU students and the local community. The goal is to create a hub of creativity and inspiration, bringing people together to share their dreams and explore new possibilities. It’s a vibrant atmosphere where ideas can take shape.

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A Simple Yet Delightful Menu

Unlike other coffee shops that bombard you with a long list of options, Marmalade Cafe keeps their menu intentionally small. This approach allows new customers to feel welcomed and not overwhelmed by choices. Whether you crave an iced latte or an iced americano, Marmalade Cafe has got you covered. And if you prefer to enjoy their coffee at home, they sell bags of their freshly roasted beans, ensuring you never have to compromise on quality.

A Hub for Food

In the near future, Marmalade Cafe plans to expand their offerings by introducing small brunch options. Currently, they serve various bakery items sourced from surrounding businesses that share their passion for quality. The goal is to create a food hub, making it convenient for students and locals to grab a coffee and a bite to eat without the hassle of going downtown.

Join the Marmalade Cafe Community

Marmalade Cafe is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a community-driven establishment that believes in the potential of Youngstown. With a focus on student empowerment and the city’s progress, Marmalade Cafe is excited to be a part of this vibrant community. Come and join the Marmalade Cafe experience, and taste the difference that passion and dedication make in every cup.

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