Coffee Table Dilemma: Vintage Cane vs. Glass

I have a confession to make: I recently stumbled upon a vintage cane coffee table that has me torn. You see, I already have a coffee table that I adore, but this new find is simply too stunning to resist. In this article, I’ll compare both tables side by side, sharing my thoughts on the pros and cons of each. Together, let’s find a solution to this delightful predicament!

Stunning boho eclectic living room with vintage cane coffee table

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The Vintage Treasure

My jaw dropped when I discovered this gorgeous vintage cane and rattan coffee table on Facebook Marketplace. It had all the hallmarks of a unique find, and I couldn’t resist claiming it as my own. Surprisingly, despite being deemed valuable by antique dealers, no one else had snatched it up. Lucky me!

Love this vintage mid century six-sided rattan and cane coffee table

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Unbeatable Pricing

As someone who appreciates vintage but can’t justify exorbitant prices, stumbling upon this table was a dream come true. While similar tables on 1st Dibs were commanding prices upwards of $2,800 and $3,400, I managed to secure this beauty for a fraction of that amount. Talk about a steal!

Vintage mid-century modern cane and rattan coffee table

Pros of Vintage Coffee Table …

  • It’s a unique vintage piece that adds character.
  • The six-sided shape adds a touch of cool.
  • Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around and store.
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Boho living room with a collection of vintage floral art and the coolest rattan and cane coffee table

Cons of Vintage Coffee Table …

  • The uneven cane surface raises concerns about potential spills and staining.
  • Adding a custom glass top would be costly.
  • Are there too many cane elements when paired with my cane sofa?
  • It offers less space for displaying decorative items compared to the glass table.

Stunning vintage six-sided cane top coffee table

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The Classic Glass Table

Let’s not forget about my trusted glass coffee table, a faithful companion in my home for over 12 years. Despite its longevity, I can’t help but be tempted by the allure of the vintage cane table. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of my trusted glass companion.

Eclectic living room with vintage art, cane sofa, and huge philodendron

Pros of Glass Coffee Table …

  • I adore the double levels that provide ample space for displaying my favorite items.
  • The size is perfect for my living room layout.
  • The lower level’s antiqued mirrored surface adds a touch of elegance.
  • It’s an ideal match for my antique brass Moroccan tray.

Love this mantel with vintage floral art

Cons of Glass Coffee Table …

  • Its weight makes it challenging to move or store.
  • It lacks the vintage charm that I’m passionate about.
  • The clear glass top doesn’t entirely align with my aesthetic, although it pairs well with the brass tray.

Finding an Interim Solution

So, what’s my plan for now? I’ve temporarily tucked the vintage cane table under my old wallpaper pasting table (which, by the way, is priced ridiculously high!). The layered look creates a unique setting, perfect for displaying a few plants and placing a book next to my cozy corner chair. Even my furry companion, Sushi, seems to approve!

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Eclectic boho home with lots of rattan furniture, houseplants, and vintage collections

Embracing Versatility

While I’m uncertain about the long-term fate of this table, for now, I revel in the fact that both tables coexist harmoniously in my living room. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep it here, or perhaps I’ll decide to part with it. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s meant to accompany me in my future beachfront dwelling. Only time will tell!

In the meantime, if you’re curious about how I artfully display my vintage art collection on my mantel, don’t miss this insightful post. And remember, if you’re seeking delightful furniture pieces like my vintage cane table, be sure to check out Marmalade Cafe for an array of unique treasures!

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