Chilled Coffee Conundrum: Can You Drink Iced Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal?


It’s the weekend, and your mouth is feeling sore. You could use a nice, soothing cup of coffee. But wait! You just had all four wisdom teeth removed last week, so you’re probably not supposed to drink iced beverages for at least a few more days. So now what?

Well, don’t worry: there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite beverage without hurting yourself or putting yourself at risk. The question is whether chilled coffee should be on the list (the answer might surprise you). Let’s dive into this conundrum together and see if we can find an answer that will keep everyone happy (except maybe dentists).

Why is chilled coffee dangerous after wisdom teeth removal?

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There are a few reasons why you should avoid chilled coffee after wisdom teeth removal. The first is that the cold temperature can cause inflammation, which can lead to pain and swelling in your mouth. The second reason is that chilling your mouth will make it more difficult for your body to fight off infection, which is especially dangerous after surgery because there are stitches in place where bacteria could enter easily if you don’t take proper care of yourself during recovery.

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Thirdly, if you’re drinking something cold while trying to eat solid food (which isn’t recommended), then this could result in choking hazards as well!

What are the side effects of drinking iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal?

Now that you know what to expect, let’s talk about the side effects of drinking iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal.

  • Temporary pain: You may feel some temporary discomfort in your mouth when you drink cold liquids, especially if they are very cold or have ice cubes in them. This is because the nerves in your gums and tongue are still swollen from surgery and need time to heal before they can fully adapt to their new environment.
  • Swelling: Swelling is normal after any kind of oral surgery since it takes time for blood clots to dissolve and tissues begin healing properly. Drinking iced coffee will only make this worse! If possible, avoid drinking anything with ice cubes until swelling goes down (about one week). If you absolutely must have something icy cold like an iced latte with whipped cream topped off with caramel drizzle…make sure there aren’t any sharp edges on top so as not risk cutting yourself again while trying not bite into anything hard like ice cubes or nuts/seeds!
  • Infection: Since we’re talking about wisdom tooth removal here–this means there’s been some damage done inside your mouth during surgery which makes it easier for bacteria from saliva entering into open wounds leading straight into bloodstream causing serious complications such as sepsis syndrome where someone could die within hours if left untreated long enough without antibiotics being administered immediately upon diagnosis.”
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When can you drink iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal?

Can I Have Iced Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The best time to drink iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal is when you can open your mouth without pain or discomfort. You should also be able to chew food without pain or discomfort, speak normally and breathe normally. If these conditions are met, then it’s safe for you to enjoy an icy cold beverage on those hot summer days!

If you’re still unsure about whether or not iced coffee is right for you at this time, check back with us in a few weeks (or months) from now when we’ll have updated answers based on new research findings from dentists around the world!

It might not be safe to drink chilled coffee until your healing is complete.

You might be feeling pretty good, but it’s still important to take it slow. Your wisdom teeth may be sensitive to cold, so if you’re drinking iced coffee, you could experience pain when the ice cubes hit your teeth. You might also experience headaches or bleeding from the site of surgery if your body is not ready for this kind of temperature change yet.

It’s best to wait until after all healing has occurred before trying chilled beverages again–maybe even up until around three months post-op (although every person will heal differently).


We hope this article has helped you make more informed decisions about the safety of drinking iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal. We know that it can be difficult to wait until your healing is complete before indulging in your favorite drink, but if you do so, we believe the benefits are worth it!

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