Can I Drink Iced Coffee With Invisalign

Invisalign, an excellent alternative for conventional teeth straightening treatments like metal and wire brackets and bands, provides a discreet therapy to straighten teeth without anyone realizing you are undergoing teeth straightening treatments from the dental office near you. You might express pleasure when you qualify for Invisalign treatment because the therapy isn’t suitable for everyone. However, your excitement at receiving treatment with Invisalign can make you overlook the restrictions this therapy imposes to think you can proceed with the teeth straightening as you wish.

Invisalign acquired the revolutionary status because the therapy removed the restrictions of having the foods you love when undergoing orthodontic treatment. If conventional braces require you to avoid having sticky and hard foods besides your favorites like chewing gum, Invisalign doesn’t hold you back but permits you to enjoy the foods and beverages you want whenever you please. However, Invisalign does pose a challenge requiring you to remove the braces from your teeth when having any foods or drinks other than water and gives you merely two hours per day to indulge yourself.

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What Drinks Can You Have with Invisalign?

When undergoing treatment for straightening teeth with Invisalign, you can have all the drinks you want during the duration of your therapy. However, if you refer to having drinks with Invisalign braces over your teeth, you are limited to water and none other.

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Whenever you think of having any drinks, you must ensure you remove the braces from your teeth and restrict drinking them during the two-hour gap without exceeding the timeline. You are also required to have three meals in a day besides cleaning your teeth and the braces to replace them over your teeth soon after. Therefore if you can manage the timeline and restrict yourself to eating and drinking within the two-hour span, you can have different drinks as you choose.

Invisalign imposes restrictions on you because they don’t want you to damage the braces by having drinks like alcohol harmful to your health and the plastic aligners. In addition, getting replacements for damaged aligners will set back your treatment to make you start the therapy all over again. Therefore you must understand your teeth drift back to their original positions within a week, and the manufacturers require at least a month to provide replacement aligners. Would you like to delay your treatment after investing considerably in it? We are confident you would prefer to have straighter teeth complimenting a beautiful smile as soon as possible.

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Can I Remove My Invisalign Braces for a Night out?

After getting Invisalign near you to straighten mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections like underbites, overbites, cross bites, open bites, gaps between your teeth, crowded or crooked teeth because you didn’t favor metal and wire braces, you must prepare yourself to adhere to the restrictions Invisalign poses beside the need to keep the aligners for over 22 hours every day on your teeth.

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If you are planning a night out with your date or friends, you might confront a situation when you are offered wine or other drinks during the night. As we mentioned earlier, so long as you remember to adjust the drinks within the two-hour gap by removing the braces, you can go ahead and have them, rinse your mouth, and clean the braces before returning them to your teeth.

Similar rules also apply to your night out because the virtually invisible aligners will likely not be noticed by anyone in semi-darkness if people find it challenging to detect them during the day. Therefore you need not remove the braces from your teeth and compromise your treatment.

The best way to have your cake and eat it too is to leave Invisalign over your teeth as recommended by the Gilbert dentist and refrain from carbonated soda and juices when going through treatment with Invisalign braces.

When starting your treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, the dentist in Gilbert recommends not to have scorching foods or drinks to make you wonder whether you can have iced coffee with Invisalign. Unfortunately, the answer to your question will be a disappointment because you cannot have drinks other than water with Invisalign braces over your teeth. You have a two-hour gap to complete eating and drinking any foods you want. Clean your teeth and aligners before returning them to your teeth to proceed with your treatment.

If you acquired Invisalign for mild orthodontic imperfections, you receive a solution with straighter teeth within six months. Unfortunately, if your condition is moderate, you might need 18 months to achieve the results. Unfortunately, if you don’t adhere to your dentist’s instructions, the treatment will require more time and additional investments in extra braces until you achieve your goal eventually.

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Town Square Dental providers of Invisalign therapy clarify in the beginning the challenges Invisalign confronts you if you qualify for the treatment. If you want comfortable teeth straightening without a mouthful of metal, you must adhere to the dentist’s guidelines to achieve the beautiful smile you desire. If you accept our suggestion, kindly contact this practice today to start your treatment within a month.