Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

This delicious Blueberry Coffee Cake is soft, tender, and loaded with blueberries. It’s made with sour cream, which makes it extra rich and fluffy. The cake features a delightful streusel on top, and cream cheese glaze.

And the best part is that this Blueberry Coffee Cake is so easy to make, it comes together in just 30 minutes. Then all you have to do is bake, and wait a bit for it to cool before slicing, you know, if you can!

slice of blueberry coffee cake with drizzle on top.

Everyone you serve this cake to will absolutely love it!

I am going to show you how to make this Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe in just a few simple steps.

blueberry coffee cake with glaze on top.

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Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

This recipe is made of three parts basically: the streusel which is the crumble, the cake itself, and the glaze on top.

To start, we will make the streusel topping.

Streusel topping

The ingredients you will need to make the streusel are:

  • All-purpose flour
  • Brown sugar
  • Granulated sugar
  • Butter, at room temperature

Start by adding the flour, brown and granulated sugars to a medium bowl. Add the butter, and use a fork, or a pastry cutter to work the butter into the dry ingredients. You should end up with a crumbly mixture. All the butter should be incorporated with the flour and sugar.

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Place the crumble in the fridge while you make the batter.

making the streusel topping.

Coffee Cake Batter

Now it’s time to make the batter.

Start by sifting or whisking the dry ingredients together: the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. The cinnamon is added for just a very light kick. If you’d like the cinnamon to be stronger, increase the amount to 1 tsp.

In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter, sugar, and oil with a mixer.

You can use pretty much any oil, such as vegetable, avocado, or even olive oil.

The reason why I like to add a bit of oil, is simply for texture. It gives a lighter, fluffier texture to the cake. You can keep it an all-butter cake, and add an extra 2 tbsp of butter to the batter instead of the oil.

Once the butter, sugar, and oil are incorporated into a fluffy mixture, add the eggs and the vanilla. Mix to combine

Add the sour cream and mix. You can use yogurt instead of sour cream, but the cake might not turn out as rich.

making cake batter. whisking the dry ingredients together, beating the butter with sugar, then adding eggs, and last picture is showing putting sour cream in.

Next, add the flour mixture to the bowl. You can incorporate the flour with the mixer, but don’t mix too long. Switch to the spatula and fold the batter until smooth. You don’t want to over mix the batter with the mixer, because the cake can end up dry.

The batter will be super thick.

Assembling the cake

Pour 1/3 of the batter on the bottom of the prepared pan. Use a spatula to spread it out evenly.

We are making a base for the cake, so the blueberries don’t sink all the way to the bottom.

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mixing the batter with a spatula.

Mix the fresh blueberries with a bit of flour. This is also done to prevent the blueberries from sinking to the bottom of the cake.

Then add half of the blueberry/flour mixture to the remaining batter.

Stir very briefly just to combine.

mixing blueberries into batter.

Pour the batter over the batter base in the cake pan. Top with the remaining half of the blueberries.

Remove the crumb topping from the fridge, spread it evenly on top of the blueberries.

assembling a coffee cake to bake.

Bake the cake for about 1 hour. If the crumble topping starts to brown too much and the center isn’t cooked enough, cover the pan with foil towards the final minutes of baking.

The cake is done baking when you insert a toothpick and it comes out clean, without any gooey batter sticking to it. It’s good to check in a couple different spots.

You can also touch the top of the cake, and shouldn’t feel like the middle is jiggly underneath.

Blueberry Coffee Cake with crumble topping.

What kind of pan to use to bake the Blueberry Coffee Cake

I used a springform pan to bake the cake. The pan measured 8″ in diameter and 3″ in height, and it’s a super deep pan.

This cake should be baked in a cake, or springform, or cheesecake pan, 9″ in diameter preferably. If the pan is 8″ in diameter, it will have to be at least 3″ deep.

Also, when using a cheesecake or springform pan, make sure to line the bottom and sides with parchment so the batter doesn’t leak.

blueberry coffee cake sliced, showing the center filled with blueberries, and the crumble topping with glaze spread all over.

Cream Cheese Glaze

Making the glaze is super simple. In a small bowl, mix the cream cheese, butter, sugar, and milk together. Start with just a tablespoon of milk, add more milk as needed, to thin the glaze out to a dripping consistency.

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You can use a mixer to make the glaze, or simply a whisk if you are willing to whisk vigorously.

making a cream cheese glaze.

Blueberry Coffee Cake Variations

  • Use any other berries such as raspberries, sliced strawberries, blackberries, or even cherries to make this cake.
  • Add a dash of almond extract to the batter and to the glaze.
  • Instead of making a plain cream cheese glaze, make it lemon flavored by adding lemon juice to it instead of the milk, along with a heaping tablespoon of lemon zest.
  • Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to the streusel for a more pronounced cinnamon flavor.
  • You can add a couple of tablespoons of lemon zest to the batter as well for even more lemon taste.
  • Lemon can also be added to the streusel.
  • Other spices that can be added to the streusel or batter are: cardamom, nutmeg, or ginger. Just 1/4 teaspoon will be enough.
slice of blueberry coffee cake with drizzle on top.

Tips for making coffee cake

  • Don’t over mix the batter once you add the flour in, over mixing can make the batter dry or tough.
  • Make sure the ingredients are at room temperature, the butter, eggs, sour cream.
  • Don’t over bake the cake, but also take care not to under bake. The cake should be browned around the edges and the top, and a toothpick inserted in the cake should come off clean. When you touch the top of the cake, it shouldn’t feel like the middle is jiggly or soft.
blueberry coffee cake sliced, showing the center filled with blueberries, and the crumble topping with glaze spread all over.

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slice of blueberry coffee cake with drizzle on top.

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