Black Rifle Coffee Ruston La

Louisiana Tech and NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone has a passion for his community and for his country.

And based on those two loves, the Mailman has delivered once again.

The Karl Malone Group opened a Black Rifle Coffee Company franchise in Ruston on Monday, located on East Kentucky Avenue adjacent to 5.11 by Karl Malone.

“The coffee cafe is perfect for people who love America,” said Managing Partner Amy Madsen. “Black Rifle is unique in that it’s not only made in the USA, but its founder is a Veteran who started roasting beans for his troops in Afghanistan.

“Mr. Karl (Malone) is so passionate about our military, law enforcement and first responders that this was the perfect fit for Team Karl Malone. As he always says, ‘I have your six.’ If you know him you know he is proud to be an American in every aspect of his life.”

So if you are a coffee drinker, Ruston has the perfect new spot for you. Black Rifle Coffee Company is a must try for anyone who loves to start their day, continue their day or end their day with a great cup of coffee.

Black Rifle Coffee Company develops explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus as military members serving this great country and are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase you make, BRCC gives back to those men and women.

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“Black Rifle Coffee Company wants to continue the tradition of hiring veterans, family members of veterans and law enforcement,” said Amy Madsen. “But we also want to appeal to all members of the community including Louisiana Tech and Grambling State students, who want to have a cool place to do homework, and ladies who want a place to just meet with their friends for a lunch date.

“We hope all veterans who come in and solve the world’s problems over the the best cup of coffee they have ever had join us too. Coffee culture is one of the important facets of the BRCC community.”

The Ruston location is the first and only Black Rifle Coffee Company located in the state of Louisiana. Although it is equipped with a drive thru window, the set-up within the coffee cafe is a great, comfortable setting to meet friends or just sit alone and study, read or relax. BRCC also boasts a robust selection of merchandise, including pour-over carafes, grinders, and insulated mugs for all sorts of coffee aficionados.

The CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company is Tom Davin, who introduced Mr. Karl and Andy Madsen to 5.11 while he was the CEO of that company. With Davin now being the CEO of Black Rifle Coffee provided the perfect storm to add the cafe adjacent to 5.11 by Karl Malone. Both companies have a passion for military and first responder communities.

According to general manager Stephanie Callender, tying Black Rifle Coffee Company and 5.11 by Karl Malone together was strategic and a great partnership in our area.

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“We want to educate more women and men about 5.11 by Karl Malone,” said Callender. “We are hoping that this brings more people to the north side of town to the coffee shop and in return they can see what we offer at 5.11 by Karl Malone. We are not just a tactical store, we are a lifestyle. That’s the concept. We want to integrate the two.”

Founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee Company was built upon the mission to serve coffee and culture to people who love America.

What started out as more of a hobby for Hafer has become a life-style and culture that combines great coffee with those who serve and protect the American way.

“I want people to know when they step into the company that it’s owned by the veteran community,” said Hafer in a Youtube video where he describes his background and how BRCC started. “And I want the veteran community to take pride in that.”

The coffee cafe is open Sunday thru Thursday from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“Team Karl Malone is so proud to be able to offer Ruston and the surrounding communities a comfortable cafe where they can have the best cup of coffee they will ever have,” said Amy Madsen. “Come in and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, conduct business, do homework and stay for a while.”

Black Rifle Coffee Company will hold its grand opening March 25. More information will be available about the grand opening in coming weeks.

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