Big Cup Of Coffee Meme

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re sure to be able to relate to all the funny coffee memes below.

Monday mornings are tough at the best of times, especially if you’re not a morning person. A Monday morning without coffee would be unthinkable. Only coffee can get you up and about.

In fact, there’s nothing better than that first sip of coffee on a Monday morning.

Do you really love coffee if it doesn’t make you make the face of this happy seal?

Mondays are relentless – they just keep happening. Even though you can’t skip Mondays, at least you have coffee to be your best friend and support to help you get through the day.

You’re not a coffee addict. You only have one or two cups a day, right? No one ever said how big the cup was allowed to be. This one looks about right…

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Or maybe this cup is the one that could finally give you the perfect amount of coffee? It was only a little bit easier to drink from and carry around.

Nothing can soothe your nerves like a coffee can. Are your kids being annoying? Spouse refusing to listen to you? Are colleagues being useless? Solve it all with a delicious coffee that will cure your murderous rage.

There’s a difference between someone who likes coffee and someone who really likes coffee. If you’re a real coffee connoisseur, you know there’s no other way to take your coffee but seriously.

There’s no one who can get between you and your coffee. You could say it’s precious to you. You might not be able to keep it in your pockets, but it still gets you feeling like Golem.

If you prefer a different major film franchise, you may wish you could send out a holographic message when you’re running low on coffee. Sometimes only coffee can save you.

Of course, coffee isn’t all about how terrible you feel without it. You can feel pretty amazing when you’re drinking your precious cup of java, and for a good while afterward too.

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If there’s anyone who understands the grumpiness that you can feel without coffee, it’s cats. They know what it’s like to want to do nothing but laze around all day, taking frequent naps.

This cat knows what it’s like to be nonverbal before you’ve got that first cup of coffee inside you. All coffee addicts have perfected that early morning death stare to warn people away.

It’s not just mornings when you’re desperate for a coffee. You also need one to perk you up in the afternoon, in the evening, and whenever you need an excuse to not talk to anyone.

When you’re running low on coffee, you can feel like a drowned cat. You need coffee right away, lest you start looking as bad as you feel.

Coffee has a whole host of benefits, from giving you energy and warming your hands to helping you procrastinate when you have lots to do. What can’t coffee do to benefit your life?

When that coffee hits you, it can take a while to take effect. It won’t take long before you start feeling it, though – especially if you’ve had more than usual in a short time.

How do you know when you need coffee? Is there a secret formula or some telling signs? The answer is that you always need coffee, at all times, wherever you are – unless you’re Batman.

Coffee can even help you to be more creative. Even when you can barely open your eyes and you’re not ready to talk to anyone yet, coffee could inspire you to write a poem like this one.

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Coffee can be a fantastic way to give you something to do when you’re avoiding doing something that actually needs to be done. You can’t get down to business until you have the right energy and focus.

Are you completely nonfunctional without coffee? You’re not the only one who can’t lift a finger before they’ve had their morning coffee. It brings your brain back online so you can do the most basic of things.

Coffee doesn’t exactly make you clever, though. It gets you going, so you can keep doing everything you want – but with more speed and energy. You’re still responsible for the decisions that you make, though.

Coffee also keeps you in the right mood – and dampens your urge to kill. Water is a necessity of life, not just because we need to stay hydrated but also because it’s essential to make coffee.

It’s great that coffee is made with water. It means you can pretend that it’s part of your daily intake for fluids, and no one can tell you that you’re wrong.

Coffee must be protected at all costs. When it feels like everyone is chipping away at the food and drink you’re allowed to take pleasure in, you know you need to defend your coffee to death.

Oh, that catch-22 when you can’t move without coffee, but you can’t get any coffee until you make yourself move. Unfortunately, it’s not a dilemma you can solve unless you can get someone to make it for you.

When you do have to wake up, you know the first thing that you’re going to do is drink coffee. Which comes first – waking up or drinking coffee? Maybe no one really knows…

Coffee can get you through anything. Who needs to have a plan for when coffee can save the day instead?

Coffee is so understanding. It will always be there for you and won’t ever demand anything of you.

As the coffee starts to wear off and you feel that first yawn coming on, you know it’s time for a top-up. Everyone else might not realize it, but you’re aware, and that’s enough.

Sometimes, you’re extra desperate for a coffee. One cup just isn’t going to be enough. In fact, they might as well just connect you to a coffee drip and feed it into your veins.

If anyone tried to take away your coffee, you don’t know what you would do. You’re pretty sure you would die without it, or at least roll around dramatically on the floor.

The better you feel when you finally get your coffee is almost impossible to describe. But there is one good word that can help to describe just how amazing it is.

Coffee drinkers could say that coffee is magic. It’s made from coffee beans, it’s brewed into a strong concoction, and then it brings you back to life when you feel like you might as well be dead.

You know you’re a real coffee lover, and you can’t live without it when you have to warn people to get out of your way when you’re running low on beans.

Not one precious drop of coffee should be wasted. If you happen to spill a cup or even a splash of coffee, your day could be completely ruined from there on out.

Coffee has a habit of taking complete control over your life. In fact, you’re half-convinced that maybe your coffee has become sentient, and it knows the control that it has over you.

You know that drinking lots of coffee isn’t always the healthiest of choices, but even though you probably shouldn’t be shaking with adrenaline, you also know that without coffee, you would just be tired.

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Decaf coffee? Not if you have anything to say about it! It has something approaching the taste of caffeinated coffee but with none of the other benefits that you would usually get.

If there’s one thing that can take you from feeling like you’re sweeping the floors while wearing rags to being a princess, it’s coffee. Coffee makes the world go around and keeps you on your feet.

There’s never going to be a day that goes by without you getting your coffee. You just know that for a fact because you don’t want to think about what would happen if you didn’t get it.

But what do you do if you need coffee right now and there’s none near you? Use the Bat Signal to get someone’s attention! Or just message someone to please bring you coffee.

It’s always good to feel like you’ve got something done, even when you’re not doing much. So why not write “get dressed” or “drink coffee” on you’re to-do list just so you can check it off?

Need some sleep? Feeling tired? You would think that maybe going to bed might be a good idea, but that’s not always an option. Why sleep when you have coffee to keep you awake?

Some people say that they treat their bodies as a temple, but that’s a lot of work. Alternatively, you could treat it as a vessel for coffee to fuel your sarcasm and bitterness.

Coffee is so motivational. If coffee was a person, that person would always be in your corner, supporting you and encouraging you. Coffee makes you believe that you can do anything.

Is your relationship with coffee a one-way relationship? Most people would say so, but you know that your coffee can react to you and that it knows you better than anyone else.

No coffee available at home or at work? No time to stop at your favorite coffee shop? Nooo! Sometimes the only thing left to do is feel sorry for yourself and your lack of coffee.

What would happen if you could no longer have access to a coffee whenever you wanted? It’s not worth thinking about. The best thing is to make sure that no one ever has to find out.

Being coffee-less can lead to some silly mistakes. Even when you’re trying to get your coffee, you’re not always totally switched on – and neither is the coffee machine.

When you do finally get your coffee, you don’t want anyone bothering you while you’re drinking it. You need time to let the caffeine work before you are ready to interact like a normal human being.

There’s actually scientific evidence that coffee could be good for you. It could provide health benefits for your gut and prevent a number of health conditions which is the perfect excuse to drink it.

Just one coffee cup each day? That’s never going to be enough in your book. Every cup of coffee you have serves a different purpose, keeping you functioning and law-abiding.

Having kids makes you need coffee more but ironically means you get less. All your coffee turns cold while you’re busy dealing with the kids – making it iced coffee instead.

Why use coffee to define how you like your partners when you can use it to define how you like yourself? Coffee gives you the self-confidence to know that all you need is coffee.

What counts as real coffee? There’s a lot of debate about it and no real answer. Is black coffee the only option if you’re a true coffee lover, or can you branch out?

Food? There’s no need for food when you have coffee. Soup is a liquid, and coffee is a liquid, so if you’re going to drink anything, it might as well be coffee.

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Coffee gets your day started, and wine can also be great for ending it. These two beverages are the perfect pairing for anyone who needs to get through their day without too much trouble.

Coffee won’t magically improve your job, but it makes it easier to get through. Even if you hate your job, you can do it with a smile on your face.

On the other hand, why go to work when coffee is convincing you to stay in bed and do nothing all day? Coffee can keep you company while you ignore the real world.

Some people just don’t know something good when it’s right in front of them. Coffee haters have a right to exist (probably), but their opinion about anything can’t be trusted.

Speaking of opinions, some people just don’t know when to stop sharing them. Everyone has one, but not everyone wants to know what yours is. Coffee, however, is always wanted.

Occasionally, you decide you’re going to go on a health kick. Maybe you’re going to give up coffee or switch to decaf. It never lasts for long before you have to give up…

Some coffee lovers are Starbucks fans, but others reject it as a real place to get coffee. You could go to Starbucks whenever you want coffee, but why bother when you could easily reproduce it at home?

You’re not your best before you’ve had your coffee. You need caffeine before you can speak, look presentable, or do any basic tasks. And that goes double if you’re a mom.

Who really knows how coffee works? All you know is that you drink it, and it makes you feel much better than before you drank it. What more do you need?

Coffee makes your words come out faster, although they’re not always smarter. You’re never really completely able to talk until your first coffee, especially if you’re expected to say anything profound or clever.

How much coffee is too much coffee? If you’ve never tested your limits, why not do it when you can get a day off from work because of how it’s affected you?

Knowing when to stop drinking coffee is important. But if your brain is still telling you to drink coffee, you should probably keep going. You need it to give you life.

How do other people live without coffee? The truth is that they don’t. Their lives are empty and meaningless because they don’t have anything to live for. They need coffee in their lives and in their hearts.

Does coffee solve all problems? Some coffee drinkers would say yes, but there are rare times when your coffee fails its job. If coffee can’t make everyone’s company more pleasant, maybe it could make them go away…

Ah, the sweet sound of the espresso machine. It’s one of the best sounds in the world, especially when it’s been a while since your last cup.

Even many of the great writers and intellectuals in history have been lovers of coffee ever since the coffee shops of the 17th and 18th centuries. And they would have loved Starbucks. Probably.

Just how seriously do you take your coffee? If you treat it as a medical emergency, you know it has an important place in your life.

Each coffee is just a bridge to the next coffee, making sure you’re never empty of coffee.

Coffee might not change how you feel about people, but it will change how you feel about people.

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