Big Bang Peet’s Coffee

Coffee lovers, get ready for a review that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Today, we’re diving into the vibrant world of Peet’s Big Bang coffee. If you’re a fan of bold flavors and smooth finishes, this one’s for you.

Big Bang Peet's Coffee
Big Bang Peet's Coffee

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A Medium Roast with a Tropical Twist

Peet’s Big Bang is a medium roast coffee that promises a vibrant blast of tropical fruit flavors. Imagine the taste of ripe bananas and juicy mangoes enveloping your palate. It’s like a mini vacation in every sip.

Embracing the Peetnik Culture

As self-proclaimed Peetniks, we couldn’t resist giving this coffee a try. Peet’s is known for its rich, dark, and roasty blends, and Big Bang lives up to that reputation. It’s a true delight for those who appreciate a strong and flavorful cup of joe.

A Smooth Experience, Sans Bitterness

One common complaint about Peet’s coffee is its occasional bitterness. However, Big Bang breaks that trend. It offers a remarkably smooth experience without sacrificing flavor. If you’ve ever found Peet’s coffee a tad too bitter for your liking, this blend might be your perfect match.

The Price is Right

Now, let’s talk about the price. Peet’s coffee tends to be on the higher end of the spectrum, but believe us when we say it’s worth every penny. We managed to snag a bag of Big Bang for just $6.99, which was quite a steal considering its original price of $9. Even at full price, we would gladly splurge on this coffee.

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A Flavorful Journey

When it comes to taste, Big Bang doesn’t disappoint. While some coffee drinkers might detect hints of tropical fruitiness, others, like us, might find those flavors subdued when combined with cream. Nevertheless, the overall experience is undeniably smooth and enjoyable. Big Bang is the perfect choice if you want to venture beyond Peet’s traditional boldness without compromising on taste.

Let’s Do the Donut Rating

We can’t wrap up this review without discussing our trademark donut rating. On a scale of one to four, Big Bang easily earns a solid four donuts. It’s a coffee that hits all the right spots, leaving us craving for more.

Your Recommendations Matter

Have you tried any Peet’s coffees before? Perhaps you’re a fan of Big Bang, just like we were introduced to it by Mark Kaufman. If you have any personal recommendations or other Peet’s blends you’d like us to explore, let us know in the comments below. We’re always excited to discover new coffee adventures.

Until next time, keep grindin’ and savoring every sip of your favorite cup of joe.

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