Best Way To Dispose Of Coffee Grounds

Once you have brewed your coffee, you will be left with the coffee grounds. While it may seem easy to simply dump your coffee grounds into the sink or into your garbage disposal, we definitely recommend you not to. This will not only damage your plumbing, but you will also be missing out on recycling coffee grounds.

Are you curious about the correct way to dispose of coffee grounds? Keep reading this post to find out the answer to your question!

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Can You Dispose Coffee Grounds in the Sink?

The answer to this question is yes, you can dispose of your coffee grounds in the sink. But, should you do that? Definitely not.

You might think that coffee grounds look like fine powder, but that is not the case when they become wet. Wet coffee grounds become thick and pasty, which can cause all kinds of damage to your plumbing system. Your drain will get clogged. And, if you do it regularly, you might even need to replace your plumbing system.

However, if you are desperate and in an extreme habit, then you can throw the coffee grounds down the sink. Just, don’t make it a regular habit. And when you dispose of them in this way, make sure that you run them with a lot of water!

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Can we use a Garbage Disposal to get Rid of Coffee Grounds?

Garbage disposals are made to handle all kinds of food items, but coffee grounds are not one of them. As we mentioned earlier, ground coffee beans get dense once they are wet. This will cause a huge problem in the pipes, especially when there is other scrap present there.

Once your pipelines get clogged with the thick paste, it becomes a hassle scooping it out. Not only is it time-consuming, but it is also very inconvenient. This can also cause damage to your garbage disposal. So how should you dispose of your coffee grounds?

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How to Dispose Coffee Grounds Properly

When it comes to disposing off coffee grounds, there are many ways that you can do it properly:

  1. First one is very obvious. You can throw your coffee grounds directly in the trash. While this may not be the most environment-friendly option, it is still better than clogging your sink and pipes.
  2. You can also reuse your coffee grounds as compost. Instead of disposing of them altogether, you can make use of the grounds. Since they contain many nutrients, your plants will also flourish. Adding it to the soil helps increase the amount of nitrogen and potassium which the plants can absorb. The coffee grounds can also attract earthworms which can be beneficial for the soil.
  3. If you do not want to use the coffee grounds for your soil, then you can use it as an exfoliating scrub. Coffee comes with many benefits that can be good for your skin!
  4. Other ways to use coffee grounds includes using it as an insect repellent or even meat tenderiser.
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After this post, you should avoid disposing of your coffee grounds in the sink at all costs. Instead, find different ways to recycle the coffee grounds. This will not only solve your disposal problem, but is also an environment-friendly option!