Best Super Automatic Coffee Machine

In my original DeLonghi Dinamica Plus review I was completely bowled over by the machine’s features and performance. That was a couple of years ago, and the Dinamica Plus has since become somewhat of a yardstick for evaluating other coffee makers in my super automatic espresso machine guide 2023.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to update my DeLonghi Dinamica Plus review and take a fresh look at my mid-range champion. After all, there are some new kids on the block and I want to see if the Dinamica Plus is still all that.

Actually, I’m fairly convinced that no other machine in its price range can compete with the Dinamica Plus. Still, I know that the good folks at Gaggia would beg to differ. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Review Overview

Released in late 2021, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus quickly started garnering rave reviews in the United States. It’s easy to see why – the original Dinamica performed admirably, but just felt kind of old fashioned and clunky.

In the meantime, Jura was releasing seriously beautiful and high-performing machines in quick succession.

With that said, not everyone can afford a Jura coffee machine. So, with a price tag of $1,649.99, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus brought Jura-esque features to the mid-range price segment.

For starters, the Dinamica Plus features a lovely color touchscreen display. What’s more, the machine is equipped with DeLonghi’s wonderful LatteCrema automatic milk system. Rather than having a bunch of hoses and an external container, this elegant integrated frother just clips onto the front of the machine.

Heck, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus even has an iced coffee function. You only get that elsewhere with the Jura Z10, which costs a whole lot more.

I’ll talk more about how the machine performs later in this DeLonghi Dinamica Plus review. Suffice to say the espresso and milk foam you’ll get from this thing are really high quality.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to take a look at Brad Pitt’s DeLonghi ambassador video. In it, you’ll quickly see how he has taken advantage of the personalized user profiles to save his preferences for brewing the perfect cappuccino on a Dinamica Plus.

First Impressions

While I’ve always been clear about how much I like DeLonghi espresso machines, I’ve never exactly gushed about how they look. In fact, I pretty much trashed the aesthetics of the DeLonghi Dinamica.

However, I will say that the DeLonghi design department stepped it up for the Dinamica Plus. I feel like I can almost describe it as sleek and streamlined, although there’s still a distinctly utilitarian vibe going on.

Listen, I understand that many of you won’t care a bit what the thing looks like. You just want to know if it makes great coffee. However, I’m of the opinion that if an espresso machine can look good and perform well then all the better.

As always with DeLonghi, there’s altogether too much plastic in the machine’s construction. Still, I understand that keeps costs down. Anyway, the Dinamica Plus feels sturdy and well-made, so I think it’ll stand the test of time.

All in all, my first impressions of the machine are very favorable. Plus, this super automatic is comparatively compact, so it’s not going to totally dominate your kitchen.

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DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Features

User Interface

The 3.5 inch (9 centimeter) touchscreen display on the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus automatic espresso machine was designed to create an intuitive user experience that’s like using the screen on a smartphone. Overall, it’s a significant improvement over the text screen on the DeLonghi Dinamica.

As you’d expect, following the menu prompts will guide you through various tasks you’ll want to perform such as brewing a latte or descaling the machine.

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While I personally prefer the touchscreens on Jura coffee machines, I’m confident anyone would be happy with the display on the Dinamica Plus.

Conical Burr Grinder

The stainless steel conical burr grinder on the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus has 13 grind adjustment settings. As with any super automatic espresso machine, you should only adjust the grind settings while the coffee grinder is running.

Keep in mind that it takes a few cups before you’re able to see the changes take effect. Oh, and don’t forget that by using oily coffee beans in the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus you’re asking for trouble. The inner workings of the machine get clogged pretty easily, and oily buildup could result in a busted brew group.

I got the best results by setting the grinder to level 3. Then again, it’s best to experiment until you’re happy with the espresso you’re getting. Thankfully, just like its predecessor, you can get really consistent results from the grinder.

Removable Water Tank

Having a removable water reservoir is a must on any super automatic espresso machine. Not only does it make refilling the tank easy, but it also allows for more effective cleaning.

I always hate telling people this, but sludge can build up on the walls of a water reservoir rather easily. Anyway, the Dinamica Plus water tank slides out from the front of the machine, which is extremely convenient.

A water filter comes with the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus. Interestingly enough, I’ve heard that many folks choose not to install it. This is a choice that will affect the taste of their coffee. And not in a good way.

Not using a water filter also exposes the automatic espresso machine to mineral buildup, which can eventually damage its delicate insides.

So, when you first receive and set up your Dinamica Plus, use the included water hardness test strips to calibrate the machine accordingly.

Then, change the water filter every three months or so, depending on usage.

Milk Foam

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus frothing Milk

The LatteCrema milk frothing system is one of the biggest reasons to buy the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus. The manufacturer has obviously put a lot of thought into its user-friendly design.

For starters, the LatteCrema system has a thermal milk jug. Users can — and should — store milk inside the jug and keep it in the refrigerator when not in use.

Then, when it’s time to make a drink that requires milk, simply attach the thermal milk jug to the front of the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus.

The colorful touchscreen display will walk you through the steps to make your desired drink, which will involve making simple adjustments to the knob on the top of the jug.

During my testing, both the cappuccino and latte macchiato got excellent, fine textured froth from the LatteCrema milk system. The milk comes out at a great temperature and enters your glass with tons of foam when the machine is at the max setting.

You do have to fiddle around a bit in the menu and on the rotary switch until your milk drinks are the right size. But this is just part of setting an automatic espresso machine up for your needs.

Whether the milk foam is ultimately suitable for a flat white is up for debate. Even if you add more milk than milk foam to the cup, the froth remains too firm to pass for microfoam. If this was super important to me, I’d certainly test different milks and non-dairy alternatives to see what results I could come up with.

Specialty Drinks

Sixteen drink recipes are programmed into the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus. That’s like having your own digital barista at your fingertips. Cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso … you name it! Right at the touch of a button.

As you’ve probably already guessed, you’re able to make adjustments to any specialty drink. In my opinion, this is where you can truly unleash the machine’s potential.

You can adjust strength, volume and temperature in order to create a drink that’s tailored to your taste preferences. And once you’re happy, you can save the changes you’ve made.

By the way, the Dinamica Plus also features a pretty cool TrueBrew Over Ice function. The machine makes iced coffee by brewing at a lower temperature and pressure, and the results are actually very convincing.

Pot Function

An interesting feature of the Dinamica Plus is the ability to brew up to six cups of coffee in one go using a surge brew function. People who like to host will be especially appreciative of this function.

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With that said, I’d always recommend brewing with a drip coffee maker rather than using the Dinamica Plus pot function. Seeing as the Dinamica Plus uses too much water and not enough ground coffee here, the results are just too watery.

Cup Height

You won’t be surprised to hear that the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus has a height-adjustable dispensing spout. After all, this is one of the best features of any fully automatic coffee maker.

When you’re preparing straight shots, you can move the spouts all the way down to your espresso cups. That way you’ll cut down on splashes and preserve the aromatic crema. Alternatively, you can brew straight into a travel mug, thanks to the 5.3 inches (13.5 centimeters) of clearance available when the spouts are all the way up.

User Profiles

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus User Profiles

Having the freedom to save drinks in personal user profiles may seem normal nowadays, but many manufacturers are still catching on to the idea. It’s a no brainer, really. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save their preferred coffee recipe after making all of the tweaks to get it right?

The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus automatic espresso machine will allow you to save three different user profiles. Personally, I would have allowed an infinite number, but three is definitely better than none. At home three kinda makes sense, I guess. But what if someone wants to buy the Dinamica Plus for an office?

If you’re asking me, the limited number of user profiles is a sales pitch for Jura.

Coffee Link App

In an obvious effort to compete with Jura, DeLonghi has added remote connectivity through its Coffee Link app for the Dinamica Plus. The app uses Bluetooth to communicate with the machine, providing remote access to lots of features.

The DeLonghi Coffee Link app also gives users access to tips and tricks for creating amazing coffee drinks, as well as guidance on machine maintenance.

I’m more of a hands-on guy myself, but I know a lot of you will definitely enjoy customizing your user profiles from your phone. I just know you’re imagining how fun it would be to relax with a latte macchiato on your sofa while tweaking your personal recipe for next time!


Interestingly enough, DeLonghi has scaled back the number of boilers in the Dinamica Plus to just one fast-heating thermoblock. I have to say that the original Dinamica’s dual boiler system is pretty great; there’s no wait time between espresso and milk dispensing, seeing as the machine can do both at the same time.

With that said, the Dinamica Plus is no slouch, and the single thermoblock performs admirably.

Brew Group

DeLonghi Brew Group

The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus has a removable brew group that’s easy to get to. Located behind a conveniently located service door, the brew group pops right out for cleaning. I’ll talk more about cleaning the machine a little later in this DeLonghi Dinamica review.

Suffice to say you should give the brew group the attention it deserves at the end of each day. I mean, you aren’t going to get very far into making delicious coffee without it!


The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus comes with a two-year warranty that’ll cover you in case of any manufacturer defects. Even better, DeLonghi will throw in another year if you register your machine. Not bad!

Anyway, although it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to call DeLonghi, be prepared for long wait times if you do. Trust me, calling these guys can be a true test of your patience and willpower!

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How to Use the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Display

Once you’re ready to start using your DeLonghi Dinamica Plus, plug it in, add water to the reservoir and fill the hopper with the best coffee beans you can get. If it’s your first rodeo you’ll need to flush the machine. Don’t worry though, the Dinamica Plus will guide you through the process.

When you’re ready to start making drinks, I’d recommend skipping the user manual and diving right in. Seriously, the user interface is so intuitive that preparing any beverage will quickly become second nature.

Feel free to experiment with different strength, volume and temperature settings until you’ve dialed in your espresso. Trust me, you aren’t going to break anything!

As for programming the user settings and using the Coffee Link app, the user manual will come in handy. That said, there really isn’t much to get to grips with.

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My Observations

The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus making coffee

At the end of the day, the main thing any of us want from a super automatic espresso machine is to brew quality coffee and espresso based drinks with ease.

The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus has five strength levels presented as a bean scale. I adjusted the coffee strength up to level four and kept the grinder setting at almost the finest level.

DeLonghi automatic coffee machines generally use very little ground coffee for their standard beverage settings. I find they also use a bit too much water at times. So, I recommend you adjust the water level to match your desired potency.

The aroma of coffee from the Dinamica Plus was identical to what I experienced from the original DeLonghi Dinamica. In both machines, the chocolate notes are brought forward with an impressive sweetness that makes for a pretty authentic espresso experience.

However, this is less true for coffee. As I mentioned, you’ll notice too much water pretty quickly here. That’s why I’d always recommend making an americano rather than the preset long coffee. As for the pot function, I’d just ignore it altogether.

Finally, I found the preset coffee temperature to be spot on for my taste. That said, those of you with asbestos tongues can adjust the temperature upward!

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DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Cleaning

Maintaining a super automatic espresso machine is paramount. If you want the machine to last, you’ll need to take care of it. Still, when it comes to cleaning and descaling, DeLonghi has always made it easy on us.

Fortunately, keeping the Dinamica Plus in tiptop condition is a piece of cake. The water tank, milk container and brew group are all easy to remove, and can be rinsed under warm water. Oh, and make sure the brew group has dried fully before putting it back.

Automatic rinsing programs are also available for quick cleaning in between. Personally, I find these super convenient!

However, for the milk frother you mustn’t forget to turn the rotary switch from the CLEAN position back to the one for milk or milk foam after cleaning. Otherwise, rinsing water will end up in your cup. Let’s just say that happening once was enough for me!

DeLonghi advertises that you can clean the milk jug and drip tray in the dishwasher. This is probably true for some dishwashers, but definitely feel around inside these components after washing.

You want to be sure no film is building up that will be a pain to clean down the road … not to mention that it’s less than sanitary.

The guidance provided through the touchscreen display, DeLonghi Coffee Link app, Dinamica Plus user manual and a slew of online videos from the manufacturer make maintaining this machine a breeze.

Of course, you’ll need to regularly descale the Dinamica Plus, even if you have a water filter installed. I recommend using DeLonghi EcoDecalk Descaler. You can pick it up on Amazon for $21.01, which isn’t too bad.

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Specifications

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus vs Other Super Automatics

At this point in my DeLonghi Dinamica review I’m still convinced this machine is a mid-range winner. Still, for the sake of completeness, let’s see how the Dinamica Plus measures up to a couple of other machines.

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus vs Dinamica

DeLonghi Dinamica vs Dinamica Plus

Available for $1,299.49, the DeLonghi Dinamica is now in the same price bracket as the Dinamica Plus.

Sure, these machines share a bunch of features, but I have to wonder why you would choose the Dinamica over the Dinamica Plus. That is unless you’re particularly averse to touchscreen displays or user profiles. Don’t get me wrong, the original Dinamica is a great automatic coffee maker. The Dinamica Plus is just better.

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DeLonghi Dinamica Plus vs Magnifica Evo

DeLonghi Magnifica EVO Review

The DeLonghi Magnifica Evo is one of the Italian manufacturers newest models, and costs a ridiculously reasonable $844.99.

I can see the Magnifica Evo appealing to those on a budget who still want an automatic coffee maker. While it’s nowhere near as powerful or versatile as the Dinamica Plus, the Magnifica Evo still has the 13-level conical burr grinder and adjustable drink settings. Heck, there’s even a new and improved LatteCrema system on board.

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DeLonghi Dinamica Plus vs Others Comparison Chart

Verdict: DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Review

Having reached the end of my DeLonghi Dinamica Plus review, I can say I feel the same as I did before. So, if you’re looking for a DeLonghi machine and don’t already own the Dinamica, your decision is easy: buy the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus!

I do hold that super automatic espresso machines like the Jura Z10 or Miele CM 6360 are superior to the Dinamica Plus, but these are also considerably more expensive. And sure, I’ve reviewed a bunch of very cool Gaggia espresso machines lately. Still, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is still the best mid range automatic espresso machine available at the moment.

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Review FAQ