Best Peet’s Coffee Drinks

Peet’s is famous for its tasty beverages, including different coffee drinks. Read on to discover the best Peets coffee drinks to try.

I always loved Peet’s Coffee and stopped at their shops whenever I had a chance. So, you can imagine my elation when I moved to a neighborhood where I could easily walk to one a few months ago. This gave me a chance to test many of their popular coffee drinks, and in this post, I’ll share everything I’ve learned, including the best Peet’s coffee drinks to try. Enjoy!

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What are Peet’s Coffee drinks?

Peets Coffee drinks include a variety of single-origin and coffee blends that are enjoyable to drink, served black or as iced coffee. Their iced coffees are made using coffee, milk, and ice and are usually sweetened with syrup or sugar. You can get Peet’s coffee in flavors, including caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, chicory, and mocha.

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How do I order coffee drinks on the Peets app?

To order coffee drinks using the Peets App, open the app and click “Menu.” Make sure you have your preferred location at the top. Select your item, tap “Add to Order,” and move to the next item. Once you’ve added all your items, click the cup icon, select your size, and confirm the location—review the order and checkout.

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How we chose the best Peets coffee drinks to try?

We chose the products on this list based on popularity and novelty of taste. We used these criteria as we realized that some of Peet’s newer but popular coffee drinks are based on familiar flavors from other foods. We factored in what customers were saying to help us decide where to rank each product. You can trust the choices in this post as it includes diverse views from a wide selection of real customers. We also looked at each ingredient and included that information in this post.

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8 Best Peets coffee drinks to try

Here are some of the best Peets coffee drinks that you can try.

RankDrinkIngredients Cold Brew FogThe Black TieNitro Cold Brew Latte MacchiatoIced White Chocolate MochaCaffé Con PannaIced Horchata Oat LatteIced Vanilla Cinnamon Latte

Cold Brew Fog

Best Peets coffee drinks to try

Peet’s introduced cold brew fog as a specialty drink item in 2017. It is only available in a few locations. For this drink, Peet’s adds chicory root syrup to their signature cold brew to give it a distinct and full-bodied flavor. If you want a taste of novelty in your coffee, you cannot go wrong with this coffee by Peet’s. Historically, chicory root was added to coffee to stretch its limited supply. It is consumed for its taste and health benefits, including but not limited to optimizing blood composition, having anti-inflammatory properties, and protecting the liver and gallbladder.

To make their cold brew fog, Peet’s combined the ingredients and ice in a blender until creamy then served over ice. The process gives the drink more body and a nice frothy head. The drink is an enjoyable blend of sweet and creamy flavors and is the ideal refreshing coffee to sip on a hot summer day.

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The Black Tie

Yet another of Peet’s gourmet coffees, the Black Tie, also known as Iced Cinnamon Black Tie, is only available to Peetnik Rewards Members, so you’ll need to download the Peet’s app to get it. This fan-favorite marbled swirl of coffee-forward beverage is created by combining rich, juicy baridi cold brew with chicory, layered over condensed milk, and adorned with a float of half-and-half, made to order and expertly crafted.

Nitro Cold Brew

top-ranked Peets coffee drinks you should order

Simply put, Nitro cold brew coffee is coffee served cold from a tap. Nitrogen is added, resulting in a bubbly, beer-like beverage with a head of flavorful foam. It’s made using medium-roasted East African Baridi coffee, which naturally has a bright, citrusy flavor and a smooth, cocoa-like finish. Peet’s does not deviate from this recipe in its rendition. I love the look of iced coffee with microbubbles, especially on hot summer days. But looks can be a bit simplistic; try it, and you will find the overall texture quite complex, with a lustrous mouthfeel and a creamy finish that is utterly delicious.

Peet’s Nitro Cold Brew is a low-calorie coffee beverage in terms of nutrition. If you’re on a low-carb or low-sugar diet but can’t live without your daily caffeine fix, the Nitro Cold Brew could be just what you’re looking for. You can also find these signature Nitro Cold Brew cans at retail stores nationwide.

Latte Macchiato

The Latte Macchiato, one of the earliest drinks I ever tried at Peet’s, is very popular and a must-try for coffee enthusiasts. Before the barista introduces it to the silky steamed milk, they will hand-pull a ristretto and swirl it with caramel syrup for a soothing yet balanced hot drink, with the espresso perfectly mixed with the frothy milk base. You get the drink made to order and expertly crafted.

Peet’s makes it for the iced version by mixing the vanilla, caramel sauce, and espresso to ensure those flavors are present in every delicious sip.

However, you may want to avoid this drink if you are trying to limit your sugar intake, as it is decidedly delightful.

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Iced White Chocolate Mocha

Do you occasionally crave coffee but also want to try something new? Then try the iced white chocolate mocha by Peet’s. Their version modernizes the more traditional coffee-hot chocolate combination. Smooth white chocolate and rich espresso are swirled with creamy hot milk in their decadent White Chocolate Mocha. This is topped with the creamiest whipped cream blanket. When you try this, you’ll question everything you thought you understood about mocha. I found this drink extremely sweet and fatty—an occasional delicious treat not to be missed. Because they use white chocolate rather than regular brown chocolate, the mocha flavor is slightly muted.

Iced Horchata Oat Latte

The Iced Horchata Latte—flavors of horchata, a traditional Mexican drink made of rice water, sugar, and cinnamon, mingle with brewed coffee. Peet’s rendition keeps it accurate to its original form: they combine cinnamon sugar with oat milk and top it with their homemade cold brew, making it yet another of the fans’ favorite coffee beverages. A simple, sweet coffee treat that can be enjoyed all year.

And did we mention that this coffee is vegan?

Iced Vanilla Cinnamon Latte

top-ranked Peets coffee drinks you should order

Peet’s took their old, familiar, and loved Vanilla Latte and boosted it with the spicy flavor of cinnamon. We love the taste of this coffee almost as much as we enjoy watching it be made. The server will make a foam base and then top it with ice to make this latte. To finish the drink, they add cold milk, an espresso shot, cinnamon, and Peet’s Madagascar vanilla syrup. The first layer of foam is critical. When the drink is finished, the foam goes to the surface of the cup and mixes with the coffee and flavors. As a result, you get a sweet iced coffee with a delightful hint of sweet spice. You must not only try it but also watch it being made.

Informative Section

Is it possible to order ahead or order delivery?

Yes, you can order ahead or order delivery using the Peet’s App or online using

How can I customize my coffee drink order online?

Yes, you can customize the milk, syrup, or espresso shots using the following steps: Select your beverage, then pick the option you’d like to adjust. Choose your preferred change and save.