Best Coffee To Use In A French Press

Are you tired of mediocre coffee from your French press? Do you want to elevate your brewing game and enjoy a rich and flavorful cup every time? Look no further – we have the answer for you! In this article, we will guide you through the world of coffee beans and help you choose the best ones for your French press. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your favorite brewing device!

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French Press Beans 101

The French press is a simple yet powerful brewing method. But to achieve perfection, attention to detail is crucial. Many people overlook the importance of choosing the right coffee beans, as well as mastering the techniques. However, with the right beans and some barista knowledge, you can take your French press experience to a whole new level.

When selecting beans for your French press, start by considering your personal flavor preferences. If you enjoy light roasted and fruity flavors, beans from Kenya or Ethiopia are excellent choices. On the other hand, if you prefer bold and robust flavors, opt for darker roasted Brazilian coffee. These recommendations serve as general guidelines, but remember that each country offers unique beans that may surprise you.

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Best Coffee for French Press 2020

  1. Driftaway Coffee Subscription
    Driftaway Coffee - World...
    If you have a busy schedule or limited access to specialty coffee roasters, a coffee subscription like Driftaway is a smart choice. With Driftaway, you start with a sampler package to explore different roast profiles. Once you find your perfect match, the chosen roast profile will be delivered straight to your mailbox. All their coffees are single origin, and they provide information about the farmers behind the beans. Sign up right here!

  2. Blue Bottle Coffee ‘Three Africas Blend’ Organic
    Blue Bottle Coffee USDA...
    Blue Bottle Coffee is renowned for its timeless quality and vibrant flavors. Their ‘Three Africas Blend’ combines African coffees, including natural processed Ethiopian beans, resulting in a delightful blend with interesting notes and a balanced chocolatey finish. This medium-dark roast is perfect for French press brewing and pairs well with milk.

  3. Intelligentsia Coffee Frequency Blend Direct Trade
    Intelligentsia Coffee, Medium...
    Crafted specifically with the French press in mind, the Intelligentsia Coffee Frequency Blend offers a medium roast with Brazilian beans for a smooth, chocolatey body, and a washed coffee that adds sparkle and top notes, which vary seasonally. This blend promises flavors like lemongrass, pineapple, and breakfast tea. Intelligentsia is renowned for its direct trade practices and commitment to quality.

  4. Koffee Kult Colombian Huila
    Koffee Kult Colombian Medium...
    Colombian beans are a favorite among French press enthusiasts, and Koffee Kult Colombian Huila is a prime example. These medium roasted beans provide a delightful combination of sweet chocolate, caramel, and subtle stone fruit notes. Koffee Kult receives rave reviews, ensuring the freshness and quality of their beans. The Huila region in Colombia is renowned for its exceptional coffee.

  5. Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopia Kercha, Light Roast
    Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopia Agaro...
    If you crave the ultimate floral and fruity experience in your cup, Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopia Kercha is the perfect choice. Onyx is a highly acclaimed coffee company and winner of national brewing and roasting championships. This light roasted Ethiopian single origin coffee offers delightful notes of jasmine, bergamot, blackberry, and blood orange. For the best results, pair it with soft, bottled water to enhance its top notes.

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Go for Whole Beans Instead of Ground

For the freshest and most flavorful coffee, opt for whole beans over pre-ground coffee. Coffee beans undergo significant changes after they are picked as cherries. To ensure crisp and sparkling flavors, choose beans roasted within the last three months, preferably within the previous six weeks. Grinding your beans at home just before brewing guarantees that volatile flavor compounds end up in your cup. Pre-ground coffee can never match the quality of freshly ground beans. Visit Marmalade Cafe for some cool hand grinders!

A Note on the Grind

Traditionally, a coarse grind is recommended for French press brewing due to the mesh filter’s limitations. However, using a medium grind allows for maximum flavor extraction from the beans. Pressing the piston gently and allowing the slurry to settle before pouring ensures a better brew. If you prefer a coarse grind, be patient and experiment with longer brewing times. Additionally, using a higher coffee-to-water ratio is beneficial in French press brewing.

Go Deeper

For the coffee enthusiasts who want to dive deeper into the world of French press brewing, we have some geeky considerations for you:

Light or Dark: Best Roast for the French Press?

The coffee community often debates the ideal roast for the French press. While light roasts have their passionate proponents, a medium to dark roasted coffee proves more foolproof for this brewing method. Lighter roasts require precision and skill to extract the best flavors, while medium roasts offer a balance of complexity and ease of brewing. Avoid extremely dark roasts commonly used for espresso and opt for a medium roast, also known as the full city roast.

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Single Origin vs. Blend

The rise of single origin coffees offers the opportunity to experience the unique flavors of specific regions. Single origin beans come from a single location rather than being blended. If you desire the pure taste of coffee from a renowned region like Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, single origin is the way to go. However, blends can be a cost-saving measure for coffee companies. They often combine lower grade beans with a small amount of more flavorful coffee to offer a complex profile. Consider your preferences and explore the world of single origin and blend offerings.

Now armed with these recommendations, go forth and select the perfect beans for your French press. Elevate your coffee ritual, savor the flavors, and indulge in the rich experience that the French press can deliver. Visit Marmalade Cafe for more coffee inspiration and accessories. Happy brewing!