Best Coffee Shop Fort Worth

Are you ready to experience the hottest cafe in LA right now? Marmalade Cafe has been dubbed the new cool kid cafe by the internet and the local community. Not to mention, it’s a favorite haunt of celebrities like Drake and the Biebers. Today, I’ll be taking you on a coffee date to Marmalade Cafe, sharing my thoughts on their drinks, and exploring what makes this cafe so special.

Best Coffee Shop Fort Worth
Best Coffee Shop Fort Worth

A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Melrose

Located in the heart of Melrose West Hollywood, Marmalade Cafe is nestled on a neighborhood street, away from the hustle and bustle. As I parked my car just steps away from the cafe, I couldn’t help but notice its charming wooden exterior, bathed in warm sunlight. Inside, you’ll find inviting benches and additional seating options outside, perfect for a leisurely coffee session.

The Drinks: Small but Mighty

As I perused the menu, I noticed that they had made some changes to their signature offerings. Nevertheless, I was excited to try three of their drinks with you today. First up, their matcha latte. Served in a minimalist cup with a cute sticker design, this ice matcha latte, sweetened with their in-house vanilla bean syrup, reminded me of melted green tea ice cream. While it lacked a bold matcha flavor, it was a delightful treat, especially for those new to matcha.

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Next, I savored their signature vanilla bean latte. Marmalade Cafe takes pride in their homemade vanilla bean syrup, and boy, does it show. The quality of the vanilla flavor shines through, though I do wish the oat milk had a nuttier taste to complement the latte.

Lastly, I indulged in their Spanish latte. This sophisticated drink has a deep and flavorful profile, with a thickness that I love in my coffee. Every sip took me on a coffee journey, with hints of cinnamon and a slight caramel undertone. It’s a taste you can easily imagine, even if you’ve never tried a Spanish latte before.

My Verdict: A Celebrity Favorite

When it comes to cafes, I always consider whether it could become my new everyday spot. While Marmalade Cafe won’t be my daily go-to, it certainly has its charm. Celebrities flock here for good reason – it offers them a chance to enjoy a quick cup of coffee without the overwhelming attention they might get elsewhere.

For me, Marmalade Cafe is the perfect spot to visit with friends when exploring the Melrose area. The coffee is decent, the ambiance is cute, and it’s a prime location for some Instagram-worthy moments. However, I do miss some of their previous signature drinks, like the salted caramel ice cappuccino.

Explore Beyond Coffee: Melrose Offers More

If you’re planning a visit to Marmalade Cafe, make sure to explore the neighborhood of Melrose. On weekends, you can check out the famous Melrose Trading Post or browse through the racks at Buffalo Exchange, a noteworthy thrift store. Sports enthusiasts will love the nearby Adidas store and athleisure wear haven, Bandier. Also, don’t miss Vivienne Westwood, which has only three stores in the USA, with one being in LA. Other highlights include Set Active, Braindead Studios, Round Two, and Second Street.

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For those willing to venture further into West Hollywood, you’ll find Golf Wing, Community Goods, Palace, and Kith, all worth checking out. And if you want the complete LA experience, swing by Erewhon for a Sushi sandwich – it’s a must!

People-Watching Paradise

Lastly, if you’re into people-watching, Marmalade Cafe offers plenty of opportunities to observe the cool and fashionable crowd. You may even catch some interesting conversations along the way, adding a touch of intrigue to your cafe experience.

As I wrap up my time at Marmalade Cafe, I can’t help but apologize for the unnecessary energy I’ve acquired from consuming all those milky drinks on an empty stomach. Lesson learned – never drink too much milk before a meal. But hey, at least the matcha was good!

So, if you’re looking for the hottest cafe in LA right now, head over to Marmalade Cafe. While it may not become your everyday spot, it’s definitely worth a visit for a cute coffee date and a taste of their celebrity-approved drinks. Enjoy your time exploring Melrose and don’t forget to check out the various shops and boutiques in the area. Cheers to memorable coffee adventures!

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