Best Coffee in Santa Rosa

Whether you’re a nonfat, extra hot, two-pump caramel latte in a reusable cup type of person or a black coffee in a to-go paper cup person, downtown Santa Rosa has a java spot for you. With a variety of artisanal coffeehouses to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect brew.

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Unicorn-spotting: Brew

The rainbow-painted crosswalk in front of Brew speaks volumes about the inclusive vibe of this combination coffeehouse and pub. Owned by partners Alisse Cottle and Jessica Borrayo, who both worked in the coffee industry, the artsy atmosphere attracts local creatives from the neighborhood. You’ll find them sipping Ritual Roasters pour-overs while doodling in notebooks.

A simple menu includes bagels, pastries, salads, soups, and other nibbles. In the evenings, Brew hosts Drag Bingo, open mics, live music, and a 4-6 p.m. happy hour.

Brew Coffeehouse

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Maxi-minimalist: Acre Coffee

Restrained and minimalist, Acre’s audience is more of a locally sourced, organic, free trade crowd who likes to pair house-made granola and Straus yogurt with pour-overs. Space is equally minimal downtown, but the communal table with cheery terrariums is a favorite place to people-watch.

Its chai is unmatched, and donuts are made fresh daily in Petaluma for its nearby stores.

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Acre Coffee

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Night owl: A’Roma

A’Roma is the people’s coffee shop. With a helluva good cup of coffee, along with teas and fancy espresso drinks, the focus is creating a community hangout with excellent people-watching rather than a discourse on pedigreed coffee beans. Open until 10 p.m., it’s also a good late-night hangout for writers, night owls, and couples on nervous first dates.

A'Roma Coffee

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Dark side: Crooks

There’s a dark side to the latest entrant in the downtown coffee game, and it’s not just their coffee. Themed around the poet Edgar Allan Poe, fans will love the raven references and poetry books scattered around the shop. If you’re not a fan, the cozy tables (one has its own gas fireplace), an extensive drink list that includes a bruleed coffee, and cheerful staff will win you over anyway.

Crooks Coffee

OG local coffee fans: Flying Goat

Known to locals as “The Goat”, Railroad Square’s Flying Goat Coffee has long been a reliable spot for top-notch, locally roasted coffee. There are rarely open seats, but it’s just as fun to watch the SMART commuter train come and go from the parking lot. Sadly, you can’t sit on the tracks anymore.

Flying Goat Coffee

Drive-up Joe: Dutch Bros

This exuberantly friendly drive-up is all about tasty blended drinks and a party vibe. The tiny kiosk cranks out hundreds of high-octane drinks daily to the Santa Rosa High School and Junior College crowd who gather around pre- and post-class.

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Whatever you order will be mega. Or extra. Or whatever the kids are saying these days.

Dutch Bros Coffee

Frappuccino Fest: Starbucks

By now, most of us know the difference between a venti and a grande, whether we want to or not, thanks to this Seattle monolith. As a nation, we also can probably attribute at least a pound or two to a love affair with frappuccinos with extra whip and caramel.

Starbucks is the original, the classic, coffeehouse, whether you like it or not.

Starbucks Coffee

Like it strong: Peet’s

Some call Peet’s an also-ran against Starbucks, and their histories are entwined. Pete’s, however, has a loyal crowd of folks who love their super dark roasts and less harried coffee bars.

Seats can be hard to come by, however, making it less of a hangout and more of a place to grab to-go joe.

Peet's Coffee

Donut lovers: City Garden Donuts

Donuts plus coffee equal true love. Here you can get the best of both, with strong coffee and the best donuts in Santa Rosa.

Made fresh daily with brioche dough, the donuts come in flavors like maple with Hobbs, bacon, huckleberry, orange, and apple cider.

City Garden Donuts

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Experience the diverse coffee scene in Santa Rosa! Whether you’re an artsy unicorn-spotter, a minimalist seeking organic delights, a night owl craving a community hangout, or a fan of dark-themed coffee shops, there’s a perfect spot for you. From Flying Goat’s locally roasted coffee to Dutch Bros’ energetic drive-through experience, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the unique atmosphere at Crooks, inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, or the classic coffeehouse vibes at Starbucks and Peet’s. And for a delightful pairing, indulge in City Garden Donuts’ delicious pastries alongside your cup of joe. Explore Santa Rosa’s coffee scene and savor the flavors of this vibrant city.