Best Coffee Beans For Pour Over

Coffee has become a staple in many routines worldwide, with some people incapable of starting the day without a fresh cup. However, in the busy lives of these people, making coffee can be tiresome which is where the best coffee for pour over comes in. It is a way to make your coffee with minimal effort.

In this article, we will first look at what pour over coffee is and what the best type of coffee to use for this process is.

We have compiled a list of our top 8 picks of the best coffee for pour over to help you decide which option to try next time. These have all been compared based on the price, the origin of the coffee beans, and the taste of each.

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What to Consider Before Buying

pour over coffee

What is Pour Over Coffee?

Before we get into what the best coffee for pour over is, it is important to understand what pour over coffee is. It is a slow and inefficient way to make coffee which is a deterrent for most people, however, the reason pour over coffee is popular is due to the deep and rich flavor that this method results in.

Pour over coffee is a method of slowly pouring boiling water over coffee grounds which allows the full flavor of the grounds to be extracted.

This can result in a better quality of coffee than using some faster methods, theoretically, as there is less risk of the grounds being pushed into the coffee and the grounds are less likely to burn.

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This is also a popular method as it is a simple process that does not require an expensive coffee machine, like an espresso-based machine, a French press, or a drip machine.

You only really need a coffee cup, hot water, a filter, and a funnel to channel the water through.

How to Choose Your Pour Over Coffee

Choosing the right type of coffee to pour over is an important factor as the type of roast, the size of the coffee grounds, and the filter you use can all result in a different taste.

It is interesting to note that depending on the type of method, with a slow drip, quick machine, or pour over, you can use the same coffee but have a different result.

Due to the process involving pouring hot water over the grounds, there is a short space of time where the flavor can be extracted from the coffee grounds.

It is therefore important to have the right size coffee grounds to ensure as much flavor can be extracted as possible during this time.

According to the Perfect Daily Grind, the ideal grind size is medium. This size has the right amount of surface area to extract the flavor, however, they suggest you try the coffee the first time you make it and adjust. If the coffee is too watery, a finer grind is better.

If the coffee is too bitter or acidic, you may need to try a coarser grind size as this will increase the surface area, allowing more flavor to be extracted as the water is added.

Not all pour-overs will result in the perfect coffee immediately, so it is important to reevaluate as you go to make it suitable for you.

Things to Look For In Coffee

Various factors will cause your coffee to differ, including the type of roast, the origin of the beans, and the type of beans used. 3 different types of roast are often used, light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Each of these roasts has different qualities based on acidity, flavors, and appearance.

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The irony with these names is that they are based on the visual aspect of the coffee, not the characteristics. Light roast contains more caffeine than the other 2 types and dark roast contains the least amount of caffeine. However, light roasts have a light body while dark roasts have a deeper body.

Medium roast tends to be richer with a balanced body, moderate acidity, and little bitterness. The other difference between the roasts is the underlying tasting notes that come about, whether it is the fruitier flavors of light roasts, cocoa or toasted notes of dark roasts, or the sweet element of medium roasts.

The type of coffee beans is usually based on whether it is a Robusta bean or an Arabica bean.

Robusta beans have a stronger flavor, with a higher acidity level and a more bitter finish. Arabica is usually a sweeter bean and is often used by coffee beans due to its quality. The beans have a deeper flavor and are less acidic than its counterpart.

How Do You Make Pour Over Coffee?

As it is a simple method, this is an easy way to make your morning cup of coffee without requiring expensive machinery. All you need is a kettle, a coffee cup, filters, and coffee. It is best to use a ratio of coffee to water of 1:15. This means that you add 15 grams of water for every 1 gram of coffee, ensuring the drink is not too strong to drink.

Start by boiling your water and prepare your funnel with the coffee filter. The filter prevents the coffee grounds from seeping into your mug which would add an unwanted element to your beverage.

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Place your coffee in the filter and start by slowly pouring the hot water over the coffee, allowing the coffee liquid to flow into your cup.

You can then doctor your coffee with creamer or milk, and your chosen sweetener to ensure that the drink is perfectly suited to your preferences.

It is best to repeat the process of pouring the water 4 times as it will allow the full flavor to be extracted, improving your finished coffee.

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Top 8 Best Coffees for Pour Over

coffees for pour over

The Best Coffee For Pour Over – Final Thoughts

Depending on the frequency at which you drink coffee, the most important factor in choosing the best coffee to pour over may be the budget you have set, and which coffee will have less of an impact on your budget.

For those looking for an affordable option, Kicking Horse is the best option at a price of approximately $7. In comparison, the priciest option on this list is the San Francisco Bay coffee grounds which can be bought for approximately $25. Keep in mind that some of the options on this list are bulk items to save money in the long run.

Looking at the price per unit, the best option is the Gevalia French roast which has a price of $0,63 per ounce. Meanwhile, per ounce, the most expensive option is Illy Intenso coffee at a price of approximately $1,59 per ounce. Looking at the price per ounce makes it easier to work out how much you are truly spending for your coffee.

Identifying the best coffee overall would be difficult as the different beans used, the different roasts, and the underlying flavors may have a different weighting for some individuals than others. Overall, the best coffee for pour over will be the one that you find value from, and which has a higher value for you.