Best Coffee At Mcdonald’s

This post covers the best coffees to try at McDonald’s. These seven coffees are the best McCafe drinks that McDonald’s has to offer.

Below, I briefly review each drink. I also talk a little about familiar coffee products that McDonald’s coffees remind me of. You might also be interested in this post about the best cheap coffee brands, too.

The next time you’re in line for an Egg McMuffin or a Big Mac, consider one of the seven hot and cold coffee drinks below.

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1 – McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee

I love iconic fast food items.

You can’t think about Taco Bell without imagining Nachos Bell Grande or a Doritos Locos Taco.

What would Starbuck’s be without seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

When I stop at Dunkin’, I want a box of Munchkins.

I feel the same way about a good old cup of McDonald’s coffee.

McDonald’s premium roast coffee is almost a meme. It’s familiar to so many of us from our earliest fast food memories.

A while back, Courtney reviewed McDonald’s premium roast coffee as part of a post comparing Mickey D’s to Starbucks. She wrote that the restaurant’s famous drip coffee had “a soothing, familiar aroma.” I can’t say describe the aroma of a cup of McDonald’s coffee any better than that.

As for the taste: I wrote the word “robust” before even thinking about it. It has a strong flavor of roasted coffee. It tastes, to me, like what a baseline great cup of coffee should taste like.

McDonald’s premium roast is close to what I’d call American Donut Shop coffee. Just acidic enough to remind you that you’re drinking a cup of joe, but smooth and with a slight burnt sugar finish.

The pots are freshly-brewed every half hour, so it has always tasted fresh and clean.

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The roast is truly medium. That’s part of why the coffee is relatively low-acid. It’s also a lighter roast than you get at other restaurants and premium coffee shops. That means you get a slightly-heavier caffeine load but maybe a little bit less true coffee flavor.

McDonald’s premium roast drip coffee is a classic for a reason.

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2 – McCafe’s Iced Caramel Macchiato Has a Cult-Like Following

If you’ve never met an acolyte of McDonald’s Caramel Macchiato, you may not understand how strong an affinity people have for this drink.

I’ll admit I’d never tried it myself until recently. I’ve been scouting the McCafe menu in anticipation of writing this post. It’s been devilishly hot where I live recently, so I decided to give this cult favorite a go.

I knew from the first sip that it would be one of my favorite McCafe coffee drinks.

I didn’t know before I tried the drink that the base is a dark roast espresso. This lends itself perfectly to an iced coffee format since the coffee has strong base notes and a long finish. You might say it has big shoulders.

I’m not necessarily a flavored coffee guy, but the caramel syrup goes well with the strong roasted coffee and dark chocolate notes in McDonald’s espresso base.

You can order the drink with whole milk or nonfat milk. You can also ask for whipped cream and caramel syrup drizzled on top or skip all of that and just enjoy the drink straight up.

I ordered it all the way. To me, part of the fun is letting the caramel and coffee blend together over time and creating a lovely textured thing that’s part coffee ice cream and part milkshake.

Iced coffee might not be your thing – I understand that. But as I write this post, most of the country is under some sort of heat advisory.

We all need a break from the punishing sun.

McCafe’s Iced Caramel Macchiato hits all the right notes. The base coffee is powerful enough to withstand the flavors laced into it.

Give it a shot. Who knows, you may be the next Iced Caramel Macchiato acolyte.

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3 – An Iced Mocha from McDonald’s Is an Affordable Starbuck’s Alternative

McCafe’s Iced Mocha is a creamy and cold coffee drink with a strong chocolate flavor.

That description practically sells the drink all on its own.

Okay, so this is another iced drink. Honestly, you can pretty much consider this a review of the non-iced version. The only difference is that the hot version will have a bolder flavor and will be, well, hot.

My Starbucks will sell me an iced café mocha for about $4. My iced mocha at McDonald’s last week cost just over $3.

That difference seems small but if you get one every day for a month you’ll save $20 or so going to McDonald’s instead of Starbucks.

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4 – My Wife Swears a Caramel Latte from McDonald’s Is a Mood Stabilizer

This is not a joke or a dig at my amazing wife. It’s just the truth.

My wife can be in the worst mood – maybe I said something boneheaded, or she had some trouble with something at work – and a big hot caramel latte solves the problem.

I’ve tried it myself and I appreciate what’s going on here.

McCafe keeps it simple – dark roast espresso and steamed milk. A little caramel syrup (and whipped cream and drizzle if you’re into that sort of thing) and the drink is finished.

Sometimes she orders it iced, but I’ve never tried the iced version.

Latte was the first gourmet coffee drink to break big in the US, and McDonald’s version is a classic example. Creamy, with just enough of a roast coffee flavor to compliment the sweetness of the steamed milk and caramel.

It helps that McDonald’s version is about $1 cheaper than a similar Starbucks drink.

5 – Love Really (Really) Hot Coffee? Try a McCafe Americano

My dad always ordered an Americano at McDonald’s. He wasn’t a coffee snob – he just liked his coffee hot.

Ordering an Americano is the best way to get the piping hot McDonald’s coffee you remember from your childhood.

It’s not easy to mess up an Americano. After all, the recipe is simple. McDonald’s Americano is exactly what it should be – really hot water and dark roast espresso.

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I love the rich roast coffee flavor of the espresso base. Some mornings, you want a particularly hot cup to get things going and open your eyes.

Americano is probably my most-common order at McCafe. The hot water doesn’t mute the robust espresso flavor. Plus, I can sip on it for an hour or so without worrying about it getting cold.

My local Mickey D’s sells me my Americanos for $2.75. That’s more than a dollar cheaper than Starbucks or any other big coffee retailer.

6 – The McCafe Mocha Frappé Stands Up to Any Competitor

A Frappé is a classic coffee shop drink from Europe. Typically, it’s made with instant coffee, milk, water, and sugar. It’s frothy and creamy and has a unique texture.

McDonald’s version is made with their base drip coffee, and just a little bit. The flavor here is mainly chocolate with a slight coffee finish.

This is more of a dessert drink than a proper coffee, but sometimes this is exactly what you want.

For some people, frappé is their introduction to gourmet coffee since it’s light and heavily-flavored.

In terms of value, I’d put the inexpensive McCafe Frappé up against any other frappé-like drink on the market.

7 – McDonald’s Orange Pekoe Hot Tea Is Surprisingly Bold & Flavorful

I associate McDonald’s tea with sickness, and that’s not McCafe’s fault.

When I was a kid and I was sick at home in bed, one of my grandparents inevitably picked me up a quick hot cup of tea from the local Mickey D’s.

To break that association, and to help deal with a little summer cold I had recently, I sampled all three McDonald’s teas available.

Their basic orange pekoe tea is the best.

It’s not coffee, but it’s hot, and it has caffeine, and sometimes tea is exactly what you need.

A blend of whole leaf Indian and Sumatran black teas goes into the brew. The result is a bold tea flavor, a stronger than usual caffeine content, and a lovely clean finish that’s reminiscent of herbs and spice.

I’m not a tea guy, and I’m sure there’s a tea blog or a tea sommelier out there who can help me describe the cup better than what I’ve done.

I paid $1.18 for my cup of hot tea at McDonald’s, and you just can’t beat that price.


That’s my list of the best seven coffees to try at McDonald’s.

You can’t go wrong ordering any of the seven McCafe drinks reviewed above.

Do you have a favorite McDonald’s coffee drink? Let’s talk about it. Leave a comment and start the discussion.