Best Black Rifle Coffee Flavors

If you’re a coffee lover and you haven’t heard of Black Rifle Coffee Company, then you’re missing out on something special. This veteran-owned and operated company has been making waves since 2014, not just for its delicious coffee but also for its commitment to supporting America’s veterans.

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The Black Rifle Coffee Collection

When you visit the Black Rifle website, you’ll quickly realize that they take coffee seriously. From the branding to the selection of beans and roasting methods, everything about this company exudes a level of expertise and knowledge. The tasting notes they provide would not be out of place in an upscale cafe.

The names of their different roasts are just as bold and captivating as their branding. From darker blends like “Murdered Out” and “Freedom Fuel” to the lighter roast called “AK-47,” their range of flavors is as diverse as it is enticing.

Light roasts

One of the standout light roasts is the “Silencer Smooth,” which is described as the “quiet professional.” Its sweet scent and citrusy notes make it the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up. If you prefer something sweeter, then “Gunship” with its floral aroma and caramel taste might be more your style. And for those who enjoy a blend of lighter and darker beans, “AK-47” offers a delightful combination of dark chocolate, citrus, and nutty flavors.

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Medium roasts

For those who prefer a medium roast, Black Rifle Coffee has you covered. “Coffee or Die” is an all-rounder brew with a quote from Benjamin Franklin to commemorate those who fought for America’s freedom. “Just Black” is their first brew, offering a rounded flavor with hints of cocoa and vanilla. And if you want to show support for law enforcement officers, “Thin Blue Line” not only offers a similar flavor profile to “Just Black” but also funds life-saving equipment for the police.

Dark roasts

If you crave a bold and robust flavor, the dark roasts from Black Rifle Coffee won’t disappoint. “Freedom Fuel,” made from Colombian Excelso beans, provides a dark and rounded experience that will make you feel invincible. “Beyond Black” takes you on a journey beyond fear with its smoky, spicy blend and dark chocolate notes. And if you’re in the mood for a devil-may-care attitude, give “Blackbeard’s Delight” a try. Made from 100% Brazilian beans, it offers a darkly aromatic taste that’s impossible to resist.

Extra-dark roasts

For those who prefer an extra jolt of energy, Black Rifle Coffee offers an extra-dark roast called “Murdered Out.” With beans sourced from Colombia and a smoky, earthy taste, this bold blend is sure to satisfy even the most hardcore coffee lover.

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The Charitable Story behind Black Rifle Coffee

There’s more to Black Rifle Coffee than just great-tasting coffee. The company is committed to supporting veterans and service professionals who often face an uncertain future after their military service. By purchasing from Black Rifle Coffee, you’re not only getting high-quality coffee for yourself but also helping to provide employment opportunities for veterans.

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Black Rifle Coffee’s long-term plan includes opening coffee shops across America, run by former servicemen. They’re also collaborating with financial experts to provide funding for these startups. Additionally, profits from their coffee go toward supporting the military, police, fire services, and first responders.

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What Else Does Black Rifle Coffee Company Offer?

In addition to their range of different roasts, Black Rifle Coffee also offers flavored coffee options. Their hazelnut blend is rich and tasty, perfect for cozy autumn evenings. And if you have a sweet tooth, their vanilla option is a delightful treat when paired with a cookie or two. They also offer decaf versions of some of their roasts, including the popular “Just Black.”

To make their coffee more accessible, Black Rifle Coffee provides various brewing options. Whether you prefer a cafetiere, a drip coffee percolator, or a single-serve coffee round for your Keurig machine, they have you covered.

But Black Rifle Coffee doesn’t stop at just coffee. They’ve recently launched CC17 Combat Cocoa, a luxurious blend of Organic cane sugar and Arriba Nacional cocoa powder. And for those mornings when you’re in a rush, their Instant Coffee Sticks provide the convenience of an instant coffee with the quality of a filter brew.

To enhance your coffee experience, Black Rifle Coffee also offers a range of additives. Their blend of Ghee and MCT adds a buttery taste to your coffee and fits perfectly into a Ketogenic or Paleo eating plan. The Morning Glory Creamer Protein is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, and the Mocha MCT non-dairy creamer adds a delightful sweetness without sacrificing efficiency.

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The Final Analysis: Does Black Rifle Coffee Make the Grade?

Black Rifle Coffee has established itself as a non-PC, conservative brand, proudly putting their politics front and center. However, their focus is ultimately on delivering exceptional coffee. And in that regard, they have succeeded. Black Rifle Coffee offers a range of delicious flavors that showcase the passion and expertise of their team.

With their commitment to supporting veterans and service professionals, Black Rifle Coffee goes above and beyond to make a difference. Five stars out of five doesn’t seem like enough to commend the efforts of this outstanding coffee company.

To experience the rich flavors of Black Rifle Coffee for yourself, visit Marmalade Cafe today.