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Before the Coffee Gets Cold Information

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A Tokyo café has served precisely made coffee for over 100 years in a narrow alley. This coffee shop offers a unique experience: time travel.

In Before the Coffee Gets Cold, four visitors want to use the café’s time-traveling offer to confront the man who left them, receive a letter from their husband who has early-onset Alzheimer’s, see their sister one last time, and meet the daughter they never met.

Customers must sit in a specific seat, stay in the café, and return to the present before the coffee cools.

Beginning of the Plot

A guy is saying his goodbyes to his American coworkers at a café with no windows above ground. His three-year girlfriend has started a serious dialogue about ending their relationship. The man’s lack of initiative and the three antique wall clocks in the café only serve to exacerbate the problem. The girl attempts to tell him how she feels, but he doesn’t respond.

The guy turns his attention to the lady, whose expression abruptly shifts. He now seems to be getting his act together, but she continues to ignore him. He then attempts to have the waitress cover the bill, but she refuses. He pulls a thousand yen bill out of his wallet and hands it to her.

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Smart and ambitious Fumiko Kiyokawa describes what happened a week ago. She now works for a prominent Tokyo IT company specialising in healthcare and has learned no less than six languages. Fumiko has beautiful features, including small, delicate lips. She’s stunning because she has both brains and beauty in equal measure. Relationships, however, have never been her life’s passion since they never interested her.

The guy and the lady in this narrative reflect on their past interactions and admit that they prioritised their careers above their personal lives. The lessons to be learned from Fumiko’s experience centre on the value of introspection and not wallowing in one’s past hurts. The narrative emphasises the need of striking a balance between professional and personal responsibilities for women.

Two years ago, during a project, Fumiko and her boyfriend Goro met. Fumiko, who is three years older than her partner Goro, went shopping for an attire befitting a serious discussion with him. They went to a café in the basement, but it turned out to be much smaller than they had anticipated. The cafe’s name, taken from the words of a song Fumiko sang as a kid, piqued her interest.

A lady in a white short-sleeved dress sat at the furthest table and read a book, while a dull-looking guy wrote notes in a little notebook at the table nearest the door. The lady behind the desk had a sleeveless kimono jacket, curlers in her hair, and a bright red camisole with green tights.

The lady with the curlers overheard Fumiko’s chat and confided that she couldn’t relate to her emotions since her partner had chosen employment. Fumiko said, “Don’t go!” but the waitress, Kazu Tokita, pretended to think about it for a second. Kazu joked back that she was opposed to Fumiko going to the United States, but that Fumiko was too proud to listen to her.

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After Fumiko begged Kazu to take her back in time a week, Kazu responded with a simple “Oh.” As a result of an urban legend claiming the café could visit the past, Fumiko had allowed it to have its 15 minutes of fame. Last night, she was watching a variety show when the topic turned to “urban legends,” and she suddenly recalled the café.

In conclusion, Fumiko and Goro were dissatisfied to discover a little café in the basement with a mysterious air and a history of urban tales. The café formerly had a reputation for transporting customers back in time, which is why Fumiko was first intrigued to it.

About Author Toshikazu Kawaguchi

In 1971, Toshikazu Kawaguchi was created in Osaka, Japan. Sonic Snail was his theatrical group. COUPLE, Sunset Song, and Family Time are his plays. Kawaguchi’ play Before the Coffee Gets Cold won the 10th Suginami Drama Festival.

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Before the Coffee Gets Cold Book Summary

The novel Before The Coffee Get Cold is a charming and straightforward read. It takes place in a Japanese cafe where one particular seat enables time travel. There are many guidelines, but the most crucial one is that nothing that occurs during time travel can alter the present. The specifics of time travel’s sci-fi elements are not extensively covered in this story. Actually, it’s difficult to classify this work as science fiction. Four of the stories explore various relationships while emphasising the power of optimism in the face of adversity. The original way that time travel was used was appealing to me. It is simple to read while still being insightful.

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This novel lifted my spirits like a hot cup of coffee on a cold day. Before the Coffee becomes Cold is a delightful, short story that will take readers to a secret café where they can travel across time, but they have to get back before the coffee becomes cold. We get to tag along with four separate tales of people who utilise time travel to make amends, get answers, or reassure loved ones.

While some readers may be put off by the book’s pacing and the fact that it relies more on conversation than descriptions, I found myself engrossed in the plot and the lessons sprinkled throughout. People from all walks of life tried to get back in contact with their loved ones, and it was bittersweet and adorable and affecting to watch them realise that they can’t change the past, but they can learn from it and be moved by it.

I’ve been looking at this book for months, eager to start reading it, and I’m so happy I finally did. A charming but sad read enveloped me like a warm embrace.

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