Backyard Beans Coffee Company – Lansdale

Imagine this: the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans filling the air, a perfect cup of joe to start your day. This is the experience that Backyard Beans Coffee Company aims to deliver. Meet Matt and Laura, the passionate owners behind this iconic coffee roaster located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. But how did they go from roasting coffee in their backyard to building a successful brand? Let’s dive into their inspiring journey.

Backyard Beans Coffee Company - Lansdale
Backyard Beans Coffee Company – Lansdale

The Llama Logo and the Backyard Beginnings

At Backyard Beans, their logo is a llama – a symbol that begs the question: why a llama? The answer lies in their initials, L-L-A and M-A, creating the adorable llama logo that has become so well-known. But let’s rewind to the early days. In 2013, Matt and Laura started their coffee-roasting venture right in their backyard. Their goal was clear: to bring fresh coffee to the local Lansdale Farmers’ Market, which lacked a local coffee provider. And so, with a grill and a passion for coffee, they began their journey.

From Grill to Garage: Roasting on the Rise

Matt’s experimentation with small-scale coffee roasting led him to discover the possibility of using a rotisserie in a barbecue grill to roast coffee. With 5lbs of green coffee and a custom-built cooling tray, they roasted their first batch of coffee for sale at the farmers’ market. The response from their neighbors was overwhelmingly positive. Encouraged by their success, they continued roasting on the grill throughout the season.

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But as the demand grew, they needed a bigger space. They moved operations to their garage, where they acquired their first commercial roaster, a small Primo. Roasting from their garage for another year, they eventually transitioned to a small studio space in town and upgraded to a Diedrich roaster. The growth didn’t stop there. Today, they operate out of a 13,000 square-foot warehouse, equipped with three coffee roasters. Backyard Beans has come a long way in just a decade.

Cold Brew and Nitro: Innovation in a Can

While building their business, Matt and Laura embraced innovation and adapted to market trends. As cold brew gained popularity, they seized the opportunity. Starting with a simple five-gallon bucket, 5lbs of coffee, water, and a cheesecloth, they delved into the world of cold brew. With time, they expanded to nitro cold brew, mastering the art of nitrogenating their cold brew and canning it. Their hard work paid off when Whole Foods took notice and embraced their products, catapulting them to regional success.

The Art of Roasting: From Developed to Bright and Juicy

When it comes to roasting, Matt has a clear preference for the more developed style. In the specialty coffee world, different roasting approaches exist, including the Nordic style and the bright and juicy approach. Backyard Beans focuses on developing a roasting style optimized for use with home brewing equipment. The goal is simple: to create coffee that tastes great when brewed at home. With time, they have also expanded their offerings to include lighter roasts with distinct tasting notes, providing options for all coffee connoisseurs.

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Punch in the Face: A Dark Roast with a Sense of Humor

Backyard Beans initially specialized in medium-light roasts. However, customer demand for darker roasts led them to introduce “Punch in the Face” – a bold dark roast. What started as a playful joke soon became a hit among their loyal customers. Today, customers eagerly return to the farmers’ market to get their weekly dose of “Punch in the Face.” This blend perfectly captures Backyard Beans’ commitment to providing a wide range of delicious coffee options.

A Decade of Growth and Gratitude

Looking back at the past ten years, Matt and Laura are grateful for the journey they’ve undertaken. They’ve experienced tremendous personal and professional growth, expanding their team, and honing their business skills. Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, their community rallied behind them, supporting the local business that brings joy to so many. They express their heartfelt thanks to their loyal customers who have stood by them through thick and thin.

As they step into the future, Matt and Laura are excited about what lies ahead. With their unwavering commitment to quality and their ever-growing passion for coffee, they look forward to the next ten years and beyond. They are proud to be a part of the Lansdale community and are dedicated to serving exceptional coffee to their loyal patrons.

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