Arts And Crafts Coffee Table

Arts And Crafts Coffee Table

Are you a fan of Arts and Crafts furniture? Do you appreciate the classic style and the intricate details that come with it? If so, you’ll love this unique coffee table design that combines traditional elements with a touch of whimsy.

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A Fresh Take on Arts and Crafts

This coffee table is inspired by Kevin Rodel’s Limbert-inspired design, but with a twist. The goal was to create a piece that stayed true to the Arts and Crafts style while fitting seamlessly into a modern living room.

The table features an understated shelf, beveled through-tenons, and stretchers shaped at the ends to corbel-like curves. These elements give the table a traditional look and feel without being too serious. But what sets this design apart is the split panel and its curving cutouts, adding a bit of whimsy to an otherwise simple form. It’s an invitation for the viewer to notice the negative shapes and appreciate the craftsmanship.

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Designing and Building the Table

Building this coffee table started with a rough mockup made of 1-inch-thick foam board. The dimensions were adjusted until the size and height felt just right in the room and in relation to the sofa. With the end view of the table being the dominant one, the focus was on perfecting that angle. Several versions were sketched on paper before the design was brought to life in SketchUp for further refinement.

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Problem-solving and Ingenuity

While everything seemed to be going smoothly, a realization hit in the middle of the night. The shelf was connected to the lower rail using three through-tenons, which posed a problem due to cross-grain construction. However, a solution was found without altering the appearance of the table. The center through-tenon was retained, while the outer two tenons were transformed into stub tenons. The stub tenons were allowed to move in the joint, ensuring the table’s stability. Faux ends were added to the outside of the lower rail to maintain the appearance of three through-tenons.

Tips and Tricks

Cutting accurate angles on the ends and shoulders of the rail tenons and machining the mortises in the legs can be challenging. To simplify the process, a wedge can be used to hold the workpieces at the correct angle on the tablesaw and the mortiser. By laminating two pieces of 3/4-inch Baltic-birch plywood and shaping them into a wedge, you can ensure precise cuts and mortises without any slipping.

This Arts and Crafts coffee table is truly a work of art. With its blend of traditional elements and whimsical details, it’s sure to be a focal point in any living room. If you’re a fan of Arts and Crafts furniture or simply appreciate the beauty of well-crafted pieces, you’ll definitely want to consider adding this coffee table to your collection.

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