Another Broken Egg Coffee Mugs

Did you know that coffee mugs can be more than just a vessel for your morning brew? Another Broken Egg, the popular breakfast and brunch specialist, has discovered the power behind their branded coffee mugs. These specially made mugs, adorned with Another Broken Egg’s logo and emblems of the towns that host each restaurant, have become a profitable sales and branding strategy.

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The Mug Phenomenon

In each of their 20 locations, Another Broken Egg sells approximately 22,000 coffee mugs per year. Customers have fallen in love with collecting these mugs, paying $18 for each one. It’s like a treasure hunt, with each new location offering a unique emblem to add to their collection.

Merchandising has long been an effective advertising tool for restaurants. From consumer packaged goods on grocery store shelves to iconic T-shirts from the likes of Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood, these items create a lasting impression. In fact, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store derived 25 percent of its sales from its retail store in the most recent quarter.

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The Branding Advantage

According to Ron Green, the founder and CEO of Another Broken Egg, the profit margins on the mugs are favorable. However, their real return on investment lies in the word-of-mouth promotion they generate. These mugs help spread the brand’s message far and wide across the country.

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“These mugs set us apart from our competition, just like a Hard Rock Café T-shirt. They give us a more upscale look, and people love them,” Green explained.

The story of the coffee mugs began in 1996 when Green came across a handmade mug during a vacation in Taos, New Mexico. Impressed by its craftsmanship, he sought out the producer, Deneen Pottery in St. Paul, Minnesota. Starting with an order of 100 mugs, these unique creations quickly sold out at $16 each. Recognizing their potential, Another Broken Egg ordered more to use in their restaurants and the rest is history. To date, they have sold over 250,000 mugs.

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More than Merchandise

These mugs have done more than entice customers to visit multiple locations of Another Broken Egg. They have become a conversation starter, carrying the brand’s story into new markets that may not have been reached through traditional marketing channels.

“As a young and emerging chain, word-of-mouth was our main advertising in the early years,” Green shared. “It’s probably the strongest advertising you can do for a company like ours.”

As Another Broken Egg continues to expand into new markets, the coffee mugs will play a significant role in building awareness among potential customers and franchisees. The mugs are a long-term strategy with an incremental lift to the bottom line.

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Durability and Delight

What sets these mugs apart even further is their durability. Green proudly stated, “You can buy a $20 T-shirt that lasts a year and a half, but these mugs don’t wear out for a lifetime. We’re thrilled with their longevity.”

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If you’ve fallen in love with the charm of Another Broken Egg’s coffee mugs, you’re not alone. Visit the Marmalade Cafe to explore their delightful offerings. This unique branding strategy has not only drawn attention to the restaurant but has also sparked a sense of adventure and collecting among customers. So, why settle for an ordinary mug when you can embrace the allure of Another Broken Egg?